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feed me

Just a quick note to those of you who subscribe to my RSS feed:

  1. Thank you!
  2. “news from the flip front” has a new RSS feed URL. It is http://feeds2.feedburner.com/flipfront.
  3. Did I mention “thank you”?

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feed me. burn me. feel me.

Feedburner tells me I have 14 people subscribing to my Feedburner-stamped RSS feed. I love being in the double digits. Though for a while I’d see my number fluctuate between seven and 12, the 14 is new. I hope it’s here to stay. I hope it climbs into the triple-digits, but I should probably focus more on writing good stuff that will attract and keep you all around.

I wish there was a way I could tell who subscribes to me so I could send them a thank you card, but that would be infringing on privacy and such, right? So if you are one of my subscribers, or one of my regular blog readers, or a newcomer who typed “hawaiian fried rice jon and kate plus 8” or “goat cheese and basil chicken” into a search engine and made your way to me, thank you so much for stopping by.

If for some reason you need more more more of me me me, check out the “Where is Jasmine?” page to find out where I am in the social media-verse.

Oh, a poll! A new widget from WordPress. Me likey.

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labor day

What did I do this week?

  • Donated $10 to the Obama campaign (wish it was more, but I bought a birthday present with my dad and I haven’t been reimbursed yet)
  • Sat glued to TV set for DNC. Am prepared to do same for RNC in the name of fairness but I can’t say I expect to enjoy any of it.

What I am doing this weekend?

  • Gapers Block get-together tonight! Though I must confess I am feeling anti-social (and also broke!) and may bag to go home, watch whatever rerun of “Doctor Who” I have on my DVR and drink a bottle of lambic.
  • work: start work on freelance piece for TOC, write more for book proposal, recap episode 2 of “The Cho Show”
  • Ikea with Nite & Jeff! I was thinking of scamming the clearance section for cheap curtains, and at the very least get me some balls. Swedish meatballs, that is.
  • Thom’s birthday party
  • goodbye drinks for Stef?
  • grilling at Kathy’s?

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Commander Robot

I think Commander Robot (aka my brother) is the new flip front. Please read it if you’re not already doing so, as it is funny, informative, and sometimes frustrating. Always entertaining.

An excerpt from today’s dispatch:

shits manlier when you do it in the rain. dancing. sexing. break dance fighting. etc.

See what I mean? The kid’s a genius.

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Where in the web is Jasmine D?

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Jasmine for Jargon Chicago: Summer on Wacker Drive

Go read this piece I wrote about bad summer footwear at the office for JargonChicago.com, then e-mail the editor about how much you loved the piece, the site, and me, most importantly.

I like the sound of “Jasmine for Jargon Chicago” — has a ring not entirely dissimilar from “Isaac Mizrahi for Target” or “Kate Moss for Topshop”.

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watch this space

Actually, I have no idea why you’d watch this space. All I know is whenever some blogger posts that message to their own blog, it’s hours of wondering and sweating in anticipation before you find out something truly remarkable like:

  • There is a new Pinkberry in Manhattan (but none in Chicago, where I actually live).
  • Some semi-famous person is not actually pregnant. They’re just out of shape.
  • Someone has been released from jail, only to get sent back a day later.
  • We’re calling the election, and the winner is… the other guy.
  • Second season of critically-adored tv show is out on DVD, only to remind you that said show has been cancelled to make way for a horrible reality show where bikini-clad louts compete for crappy prizes.

That being said, watch this space for more updates on my life, though no explanation on why the flip front is now 3.5 months behind schedule. Dammit.

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