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“this happy Creature of herself”

"arch looks and laughing eyes"

I can’t believe they’re three.

Well, little M is three and little H is three and a half. I’m sure little H would want you to know that distinction. It’s an important one.

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photo post: had a birthday

I loved this tweet from my brother.

birthday points from Foursquare

whoopie pies

Sable Kitchen & Bar: Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies & Vanilla Milkshake

birthday bubbles

As a VIB member at Sephora, I got this free gift!

Little H, Big J


birthday cupcake


Doolittle loves me.

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birthday birthday bar bar

Get your Schlitz here

you heard what the sign said

In no particular order, these are some bars that I love:

  • The Pub
  • Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap
  • The Cove
  • Ciral’s House of Tiki*
  • The Beachwood
  • The Get Me High Lounge*
  • Marie’s Riptide
  • The Pontiac*
  • The Green Mill
  • Danny’s
  • Tuman’s (the “Alcohol Abuse Center”)*
  • The L&L
  • Carol’s Pub
  • Rich’s First One Today (now called “The Corner”)
  • The Charleston
  • The Skylark
  • The Queen Albert
  • Simon’s
  • Dirty Frank’s
  • The Ding-Dong
  • Old Town Bar
  • The Comrade

The ones with the asterisks next to their name are no longer in existence. Yes, I know there is a bar called Tuman’s on Chicago Avenue, but I believe it is the kind of place that serves, shudder, “small plates”. Continue reading

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Sean the laughing birthday boy

I don’t remember what’s going on here. Here in this picture, I mean.

stupidness in the hallway

Woodward Court, 1995

Nadine is wearing the insane floral polyester shirt that my mother bought at a flea market for a quarter. We all seemed to like this shirt very much. And when I say “we” I mean me and Nadine and eventually Maria, who took it off my hands and then maybe traded it to an old co-worker for an even crazier shirt. We are still teenagers, living in the cinderblock wonderland that is Woodward Court.

High five!

High five! (Philadelphia, 2007)

Nadine is just out of this shot, which I got by pure luck. Okay, you’re a little fuzzy but obviously laughing, which means one thing: clearly, I’m fucking hilarious.

Eden and Sean

Eden and Sean are already friends (Washington, D.C., 2010)

After the Rally to Restore Sanity, we made our way to Eden and Leo’s to eat chili and drink bourbon. After we ate all the chili and drank all the bourbon, we went out for more drinks. We found a bar where we could sit outside, drink shots, and heckle everybody who wandered past us. Especially those folks in unfortunate Halloween costumes.

Happy Birthday Sean! You look awfully good for whatever age you are (I am too classy to say what it is here).

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fun house

Andrew will thumb wrestle you to the ground.

Andrew will thumb wrestle you to the ground.

Yesterday was my friend Andrew’s birthday. Rozi invited me over for dinner to surprise him. She invited Joe, Jacinda, and Hyacinth as well, so it would be a little party for the birthday boy.

I took the Metra with Rozi up to their house in Evanston, stopping at Tag’s Bakery to pick up a mini birthday cake and two cupcakes for dessert.

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happy birthday patrick

the many faces of patrick

Dear Patrick,

Today is your birthday. I can’t remember the last time I was home for your birthday. We should do something for your birthday next year. I’ll be 35, you’ll be turning 30, and I think we should do something fun to mark our reaching such important milestones. Like crying over our miserable love lives into giant vats of gelato. Or bemoaning the states of our careers while eating hot dogs.

I kid!

I’m glad we’ve become friends in adulthood. I look forward to more good times in our dotage.


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34 Hour Party People

My friend Theresa turned turns 34 last next week. She came up with a theme for her birthday festivities, “Miracle on 34th Year – Create & experience something extraordinary every day for 13 days”.

Doesn’t that sound awesome and inspiring? I’d follow suit except that when it comes to my birthday it’s all about getting to do and see and eat whatever I want until I fall asleep in a fat- and sugar-induced coma.

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birthday girl

Apparently my birthday uniform was a circus tent with big red glasses to match. Oy!

I stuck my head in the doorway to my boss’s office. He had just finished talking to a co-worker about college basketball.

“What’s up?”

“Um, I know it’s last minute and all, and feel free to say no, but could I take half a vacation day tomorrow? For my, um, birthday?”

“Why don’t you just take the whole day?” He seems genuinely confused as to why I wouldn’t. This is awesome.

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happy birthday dad!

Dad likes his Magic Mic.

Happy birthday, Dad. Hope your day is fun. As ever, I have no idea what to get you. I know if this were Mom’s birthday, she’d want a grandchild, but I suspect you’re not ready for that. And, frankly, neither am I (and the same could probably be said for the rest of your children).

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