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things you should know

I tried to find a birthday present for my mother yesterday. Instead, I ended up buying myself these two sweet bracelets at the Art Institute gift shop. I think Mom would be disappointed, but I also suspect she would not be surprised.

Right now, somewhere in my apartment, there is a packet of ashes. Yes, they are Bruce’s. Not all of them, but a baggie of them in an envelope that I got at his memorial service. Which was LAST SUMMER.

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431: never was a cloudy day

I started Labor Day weekend by staying home the Friday night before the holiday. Instead of mixing and mingling with my fellow Gapers Block contributors, or saying goodbye to Stef with a girls’ night in sleepover, I stayed home. I watched bad television. I went to sleep early. Which is a good thing, as I went to Ikea the next day.

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