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Get your Schlitz here

you heard what the sign said

In no particular order, these are some bars that I love:

  • The Pub
  • Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap
  • The Cove
  • Ciral’s House of Tiki*
  • The Beachwood
  • The Get Me High Lounge*
  • Marie’s Riptide
  • The Pontiac*
  • The Green Mill
  • Danny’s
  • Tuman’s (the “Alcohol Abuse Center”)*
  • The L&L
  • Carol’s Pub
  • Rich’s First One Today (now called “The Corner”)
  • The Charleston
  • The Skylark
  • The Queen Albert
  • Simon’s
  • Dirty Frank’s
  • The Ding-Dong
  • Old Town Bar
  • The Comrade

The ones with the asterisks next to their name are no longer in existence. Yes, I know there is a bar called Tuman’s on Chicago Avenue, but I believe it is the kind of place that serves, shudder, “small plates”. Continue reading


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