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Disgrasian Does Denver

Okay. I understand that title may be a bit distasteful, but I am trying to alert you to the fact that Diana is in Denver for DNC ’08. She’s blogging! She’s tweeting! So show a sista some love and check it out.


Follow DISGRASIAN™ on Twitter at twitter.com/disgrasian.

Oh, and KRS-1 (my friend, not the rapper — I’m gonna give this alias thing a try) got me a totally sweet (pink!) Obama t-shirt. She nabbed some swag during a recent visit to see our pal WDB at Obama campaign headquarters. The way KRS-1 describes it, the swag closet at Obama HQ sounds like the accessories closet at Vogue, a collection of the best and most wonderful Obama apparel, accessories and miscellaneous goods one could ever want. Would love to see it myself in person, hint hint.

And in case you missed it, Michelle Obama’s speech from last night. It was pretty incredible. Yes, I admit it, I teared up.


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Furious George

Protests from all over Georgia (and the country, it seems) might not have been able to stop a Marietta, GA bar owner from selling t-shirts bearing a picture of Curious George above the legend “Obama in ’08”, but maybe a big fat lawsuit from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt might. In this and other cases, sometimes the way to end the foolishness is to hit ’em where it hurts: in the balls.

No, Jasmine, in the wallet:

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is upset with Mike Norman, owner of a Marietta, Ga., bar, for selling the shirts which show Curious George peeling a banana with “Obama in ’08” printed beneath the image.

“Houghton Mifflin Harcourt did not nor would we ever authorize or approve this use of the Curious George character, which we find offensive and utterly out of keeping with the values Curious George represents,” said Richard Blake, the company’s spokesman. “We are monitoring the situation and weighing all of our options.”

Georgia bar’s t-shirt links Obama, Curious George [Trib]

Also: the Redditors are calling on folks to leave bad reviews on the bar’s Yelp! page. Also, perhaps more effectively (though a little more assertive), you can just call the bar owner and let him know how you feel.

See also:

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From FT.com:

Mrs Clinton last week even likened herself to Rocky, the Philadelphia boxer played by Sylvester Stallone (who has nevertheless endorsed Mr McCain). But unlike Stallone’s movie character, many Democrats believe Mrs Clinton is punching below the belt.

Meanwhile, I’m watching this on YouTube: BARACKY: THE MOVIE.

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Get, that, dirt off your shoulder

So for the initiated, a primer in dirt shakeology is in order here: To brush one’s shoulders off, according to the Urban Dictionary, is to engage in the act of “shaking them haters off. In other words it means to brush off negative energy of statements made about you.”

Obama Has Jay-Z on His iPod and The Moves To Prove It [WP]

Barack Obama in Raleigh, NC (4/17/08) [YouTube]

“Dirt Off Your Shoulder” lyrics [ohhla]

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The resonance of racism

When Clinton mocked Obama for the supposed emptiness of his eloquence, the chiding had a faint historical echo from Thomas Jefferson’s musings in “Notes on the State of Virginia” that “in music they are more generally gifted than the whites with accurate ears for tune and time,” but “one could scarcely be found capable of tracing and comprehending the investigations of Euclid.”

The resonance of racism [LAT]

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read me

Doing More with Less [Washington City Paper]

my muxtape [jasmine.muxtape.com]

Hillary Clinton: The Big Mistake [Richard Reeves for Yahoo! News]

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manic Monday

Before I leave for work, some links:

  • Notes from coffee with Ron: Major bus initiatives: Part one of Kevin’s notes from the coffee with Ron and Adam [CTA Tattler]
  • Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Software Easter Egg: Haven’t tried all of them, but I’ve been aware of and using the Google Earth flight simulator for a while. Fun! [Lifehacker]
  • Logobama! Make your own Obama logo to use on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and a number of other web sites. Or just add Logobama as a Flickr contact to see logos posted as they are created. [Logobama]

Update (now I am at work, where it is very quiet):

  •  Stupidity: A Guide to Safer Subway Surfing [Gawker]
  • Video: Kimora Lee Simmons Holds Fast to Her Bling [NYM]
  • R.I.P.: Jason Rae, the dude who founded Popeyes Chicken [MTVNYM]

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    lechon, Time Out, Obama, and "The Other Obama"

    Lechon: It’s What I’m Thankful For: Reading old posts on my newest favorite food blog, I laughed out loud at this: “Don’t you just love the tri-compartment styrofoam plate?  Or as I like to call it, “The Filipino Coat of Arms”. [Burnt Lumpia]

    Get your Phil: Yes, I wrote another piece for TOC, this time on Queen-Albert’s, Chicago’s only Filipino bar. [Time Out Chicago]

    Barack Obama: He’s Just Like Us!: Hilarious! GOOOOOOOOOBAMA! [US Weekly]

    The Other Obama: “Michelle Obama and the politics of candor.” [The New Yorker]

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    super tuesday: Obama-rama

    Blondie vs. Brownie [Wonkette]: A bake sale at a Brooklyn polling place asks the very question all Democrats (and some crossovers from the GOP, maybe) are asking themselves as they vote today. Only, ya know, with baked goods. Democracy is delicious! Democrats are delectable!

    My friend Jeff on why you should vote for Obama [Ramone Rants]: I would have embedded the video, but as this blog is hosted by WP, I’m not allowed. Waaah! I miss you, blogger!

    Racialicious endorses Obama [Racialicious]: Read fabulous commentary from Carmen, Wendi, Fatemeh, and Latoya. Then come back and bug me about how I need to get back to submitting stuff to the site.

    the decision is yours [Angry Asian Man]: AAM has already endorsed Obama, and has been great in providing links to coverage of the campaign with a focus on Obama and endorsements from Asian-Americans.

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    Barack steady

    Top Ten Barack Obama Campaign Promises presented by Barack Obama [Late Show with David Letterman]: Hee!

    Obama’s historic run heads south [Salon]

    Obama Delivers an Anticorporate Message [NYT]: Yes, I know, the Times just endorsed Hillary, but I’m still relying on them to provide unbiased coverage of the campaign. Which could be foolish on my part. Maybe I should switch to the Boston Globe?

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