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I’m gonna call him Huck.

Let’s not even start with the shenanigans I tried to pull before attending a baby shower for M & C this past Sunday. I thought I’d be slick and surprise them after saying I wouldn’t be able to come. But it’s pretty dickish to mess with the emotions of a pregnant lady, especially one who has had my back for nearly twenty years and is seriously tied with JB and N for the very best person that I know.

And I’ve been pretty “Brooklyn sucks gentrification blah blah blah white people ruin everything” for the last few years but it took no more than a few hours of seeing people on the subway looking all happy with their babies and their produce and their interesting shoes to convince me that if this is where little baby Huck (M & C have been calling him “Figaro” but I KNOW BEST) is going to be born and raised, I’d better get on board the B (for Brooklyn! for baby!) train before I get left behind.

So this is the story of how I spent a little over 12 hours in New York City on Sunday. Continue reading


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aunts in my pants

I’ve lost count of the number of friends and acquaintances who have had babies or are having babies this year. I’m excited for these pals if only because that’s just so many children to whom I can be a wackadoo Auntie Mame like figure who’ll teach them how to make fancy cocktails (maybe) and order meals in expensive restaurants (never order anything you could make yourself at home).

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Sally’s Shower

onesies galore
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Sally’s baby shower! It was so fun. Lunch for 20 ladies (and one baby) at Il Mulino, a sweet Italian restaurant in the Gold Coast.

Sally’s friend Dawn, who organized the shower, sent all the guests plain cotton onesies to decorate. We presented them to Sally, who loved the surprise. Here they are all laid out for everybody to enjoy. I won’t tell you which one is mine, though I will say I wished mine had come out better than it did. I advised Sally that she shouldn’t be surprised if a makeup onesie turns up on her desk at work some time soon. Continue reading

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427 (preview): circle of life

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This past weekend, I went to a baby shower, and then on the same day I attended a wake. I half-expected Elton John to show up at some point, crooning “The Circle of Life” while holding one of the cupcakes pictured up to the light but alas, no.

Seriously, though: JB1 & JG, I’m so excited about Roo. Apologies about the “Boob Man” pacifier. JB2 & TH, I’m so excited about your engagement. J.N. I’m so sorry about your dad.

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