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Form, Balance, Joy

The Puppet Bike takes a picture of me

The Puppet Bike takes a picture of me

Saturday, July 31

It’s a Saturday recap! Which means bullet points! Also this is, like, the fourth blog post I’ve written today, and I’m tired. Continue reading


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the last day of the month


Riverside Deli: Sprecher's Orange Dream and breakfast sandwich

new keyring

The Hotel Marc Jacobs

The Puppet Bike takes a picture of me


Windy City Sweets: chocolates

un-birthday girl

Alissa wearing the hell out of a tiara


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spring fling

Now where was I? Oh yes. Hello everybody!

Jasmine and Kelly at the Art Institute

“I know it’s been a long time since I’ve rapped at ya” but I have been soooo busy. Okay, maybe not soooo busy. Maybe like busy alternating with bouts of sloth. You know, the usual. Let’s see what I’ve been up to these last two weeks.

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another Sunday at the Publican

Scrapple & Eggs

Nathan has an R2-D2 tattoo


Andrew, animated

Rozi & Nathan

Jon & Alissa

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“and then there was krumping”

For the first time in a long while, my usual crew of film-going cohorts were all present and accounted for at last night’s screening of Alice in Wonderland in 3-D at the Navy Pier IMAX theater. Alissa and Jon, Nite and Jeff, Elisa and me. We were all lucky to be on the Ain’t It Cool News RSVP list for the screening (thanks, Steve!). Well, us and several hundred other people. Seriously! It was insane!

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i like to watch: Hot Tub Time Machine

Jon & Jasmine in the hot tub time machine

Um, you all need to see Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s like The Hangover and Better Off Dead had a baby they nursed with cocaine and energy drinks. Also, John Cusack looks really cute and Craig Robinson sings and Rob Corddry is really awesome at being a totally awesome fuckup. The 80’s references come at 88 miles per hour (yes, that was a Back to the Future reference).

Hot Tub Time Machine opens Friday, March 26.

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makeup & macaroons

This past Saturday morning was like any other: woke up late. Got a cab to class at The Old Town School of Folk Music. Practiced with my partner Linda. Listened to everybody else in class sing. Guess what? We sound awesome. Got notes from our teacher Gwen. Linda and I talked about what to wear for the recital. Though the show has a definite theme (60’s pop), we don’t have to get kitted out in sixties garb. We were thinking cute, for sure, but not too cute. I see myself applying a lot of eyeliner for some reason.

After class, I stood on the corner of Wilson and Lincoln, chatting with my classmate Wendy. It was a beautiful day, so we enjoyed the sunshine before going our separate ways. I hit the library to pick up some books that were on hold for me, stopped at Walgreen’s to buy the Chocolate Jeans Heart for Elisa as a hostess present, had a late lunch (ham and cheese sandwich) at The Melrose. Yes, I remembered to check into Foursquare at every stop I made. I think I have a problem. I am a Foursquare addict.

Bixby: My Furry Valentine

So why did I need a hostess present for Elisa? Well, Elisa had invited some pals over to check out some Cover Girl makeup she got in the mail from BzzAgent. She also promised cupcakes and watching Lifetime. That’s all I needed to hear.

We had ShadowBlast double-sided eye shadow sticks to play with, the idea being that we’d make our eyes look all smoky. It didn’t quite work out that way, as the two shades tended to get mixed up and then cancel each other out. While the shades were pretty, they were quite sheer and difficult to layer to show more pigment.

When I think about it now, doesn’t ShadowBlast sound like a Cobra Command operative? Or the word for “fart from a ninja”?

Also there were ShineBlast lip glosses, which had names like “Ignite”, “Glimmer”, and “Gleam”. Were these glosses or fireworks? Maybe it’s because all of our lips had enough pigment but I couldn’t any hint of tint on my lips.

After we made ourselves into smokey-eyed hottiepantses, we watched “The Pregnancy Pact” (aka the greatest Lifetime television movie EVER) and ate this really delicious vegetarian chili Elisa made in her crockpot. There were French macaroons from Fritz Pastry and, of course, girl talk. Mainly about cats, movies, Valentine’s Day (the holiday, not the allegedly terrible movie that opened this weekend), and boys.

I pestered Alissa and Elisa about their V-Day plans. Elisa had no idea while Alissa figured she and Jon would go to a bar near their apartment for dinner. Very low-key so naturally I was a little disappointed. Isn’t Valentine’s Day supposed to be, like, Super Bowl Sunday for people in relationships? I told Elisa I thought she and her boy should go see Valentine’s Day then follow that up with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. They could split a single slice of cheesecake, each taking a side and eating it from opposite ends until they met in the middle. Like the spaghetti-eating scene in Lady and The Tramp only instead of dogs it’s people and instead of spaghetti it’s cheesecake! I am a genius at this romance thing.

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game night @ Nite’s

@jasmined & @alissas go Wii bowling on Twitpic
Jasmine & Alissas go Wii bowling

Nite and Jeff hosted a game night at Nite’s condo. I figured the boys would order pizza (mmm, Domino’s) but as I’m actually trying to manage my diabetes instead of ignoring it (and then wondering why some bruises on my leg never seem to heal), I brought some roast chicken and a salad to eat.

Anyway, Alissa and I bowled against Jon and Tony. We won! Hurray! These are our avatars. Jeff created Alissa’s avatar, pictured right. She wanted the ugliest, craziest avatar he could conjure. I think it’s perfect, and that all of us who saw it tonight will have nightmares. Thanks, Jeff!

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