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food service

I got to volunteer in the warehouse of the Greater Chicago Food Depository earlier this week. I spent Tuesday afternoon with a bunch of co-workers making up bags of food that kids could take home over the weekend as part of the food bank’s “Nourish for Knowledge” program. We got to get out of the office for a few hours, and do something useful. I tried to convince my colleagues that we deserved a trip to the Krispy Kreme just down the road (actually I just looked it up and they’re closed now — fuck!) but everybody thought I was joking. Don’t these folks know that I simply do not joke around when it comes to doughnuts?

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working girl

working girl
working girl by jasmined

  1. I’m feeling cute today.
  2. The quick matches I get on are not making me feel very encouraged about this whole dating thing.
  3. Romance, schmomance, I need to focus on other things. Like eating more vegetables. Cleaning out my closets. Drinking more water.
  4. We have a new president and vice-president. Which reminds me: gotta get back to work. Also am open to volunteering again. Where? When? Still have to figure that out.
  5. Also need to work on stuff for DISGRASIAN™. Read: I need to pimp it out more.
  6. Am I the only person who not just liked but LOVED Michelle Obama’s gown for the inaugural balls? I thought it was romantic and lovely and so pretty. I don’t get the folks who complain that it didn’t look formal enough, or thought that she didn’t look super-skinny in it. Shut up. She  looked gorgeous.
  7. The last few lipsticks I’ve bought were mentioned by Mindy Kaling on her blog, things i bought that i love. All were out of the ballpark home runs. Though I have to admit that most lipsticks, regardless of shade, look good on me. I’m not being conceited that’s just the truth. Sorry, haters.
  8. Today’s lipstick is actually a gloss, NARS All Night Long. It’s nice.

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boxing day beauty

It’s quiet here at the office, so I’m going to take this time to make an inventory of my recent makeup purchases. Again, not a dud in the bunch. Though I did realize that an eye shadow palette I bought a couple of months ago is not for me — shades are too light, but should be perfect for Jacinda.

But here’s the makeup I’m loving, with notes: Continue reading

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weekend rundown

Friday, August 22

  1. Patrick turns 27. I always call Patrick by his real name, which is “Patrick” on this blog. I don’t have an alias for him or for anyone else. Why don’t I? I probably should.
  2. Work is, well, work. I get stuff done. I eat the catered lunch (beef and chicken for fajitas, ceviche, literal mounds of guacamole), forgetting that I’m having dinner at Las Tablas later that evening with Rozi, Andrew, and Andrew’s cousin, Julie. I join co-workers for drinks after work.
  3. I take the bus to the restaurant. I miss my stop by a few stops. I walk to where I think the restaurant is. It’s not there. I panic, call Andrew, who insists that it’s just down the street, behind a tree that I swear was not there on Lincoln Avenue when I looked before. Continue reading

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what makeup?

Back in the day (and by that I mean the late 90’s), I used to be read and post to on a regular basis. I loved talking about beauty and fashion with a healthy dose of humor. I got awesome tips from women with similar complexions to my own, and learned how to make a masque out of aspirin and water to deal with stubborn spots. Eventually, though, I got the impression it was just an excuse for some posters to brag about how wealthy they were, and the emphasis on individual style got lost.

I still miss writing about what lipstick I wore everyday, if only because I had to justify the fact that I owned about 20 tubes of red lipstick. I still maintain that they are all totally different. So a daily feature: “What makeup am I wearing today?” I was going to post this as a widget in the sidebar, but then I realized that I wanted to keep a history of my makeup usage. Thank goodness for blogs — otherwise I’d probably have to, you know, write this down on actual paper.

what makeup is Jasmine wearing today

  • Vincent Longo Water Canvas foundation in Golden Tan — This foundation is not cheap but worth every penny for someone with scarred, sun-damaged, freckly skin like mine.
  • tarte cheekstain in flush — A gel blush that looks deep red in the tube but goes on light and can be layered for as much coverage as you want. I’ll put on two dabs in winter so it looks like I’ve been running around in the chill and being cute instead of lying in bed and watching endless episodes of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” on TLC.
  • stila lipstick in esme — Yes, it’s been discontinued. I don’t know how old the tube is, but the lipstick still retains its true color, and hasn’t broken or started to smell weird. Stila dominique looks closest to the original shade, so check that out if you want to see what I mean. On me, esme looks more coral than red, and is a great complement to the cheekstain.

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Spring 2005

[image]Now that New York Fashion Week is over, I’ve had a few days to consider the look of spring 2005. I’m excited about what Patrick Robinson has shown for Perry Ellis, which is unusual considering how little I cared for Carrie Bradshaw, both as a television character and a fashion ideal, when “Sex and The City” was on the air. As ever, I am unimpressed by Imitation of Christ’s offerings — yes, Miss Subkoff, I know that togas are supposed to represent the kind of democracy that Americans seem to be missing in goverment right now, but what else have you got to tell me? For the New York Times’ coverage, click on picture.

I don’t think it’s weird to have spring on the brain when I haven’t even put together my fall 2004 wardrobe together, but I always lag behind in the hopes of getting a good bargain. So I hit a few stores this weekend, in search of a jade ring or a dark suede wedge to update my khaki/denim/cotton t-shirt uniform, but was unsucessful. I’ve discovered that mini kitten heels such as these did nothing for me except give me the look of a sturdy grand piano. So what am I to do — give up on autumn shopping? I should think not. I’ll be hitting the Target on Addison — perhaps I’ll run into something nice from Isaac Mizrahi to boost my spirits. Wish me luck!

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