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Go Go Ginza!



I hung out with a new friend, Jessi (who is FABULOUS, by the way), last night. We met for drinks at Marge’s Still (I would move to Old Town just so this could be my local), then walked over to the Midwest Buddhist Temple for the first night of the 56th Annual Ginza Festival.

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sundae girl

OMG (Just spotted Concrete on @Foodspotting)

Concrete from Lickity Split

“I really feel like some ice cream.”

I said this after having brunch at Broadway Cellars with Leah and Cee. And then Leah said something about a frozen custard place having just opened a few blocks away.

FROZEN CUSTARD. The two greatest words in the English language after “Friday night” and “baby puppies”.

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Wacker & Wabash

6160 Chicago by Boat - Jeweler's Building

6160 Chicago by Boat - Jeweler's Building by hogan3774

My company moved to a new space in the Jeweler’s Building, or 35 East Wacker. Those of you who have seen The Dark Knight or, um, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon will surely recognize it, as it has appeared in both of those films. I believe that in the case of Transformers 3, the inclusion of the Jeweler’s Building and other Chicago landmarks might have been the only reason some of you saw the movie in the first place.

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I heard Samantha Irby read last night, and I’m never writing again

Carly brought me to Literary Death Match last night, and I don’t think I can ever thank her enough for introducing me to something so fun, and so damn cheap! $5 in advance, $8 at the door, and it was at the Hideout, where the A/C was working, a cooler of water was free for the drinking, and hipster type boys ripe for the ogling.

However, now I’m feeling all lazy and untalented because of the amazing writers who FUCKING BROUGHT IT LAST NIGHT, I find myself feeling all jealous of one SAMANTHA IRBY. She can write, she reads like a dream, and she is funny as hell. And when I say she is funny as hell,  believe me when I say that shit.

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GPOYW: Cliff’s birthday

Jasmine and Adrienne

Jasmine and Adrienne

And we’re back.

I actually took this #GPOYW pic yesterday (Tuesday). This is me and Adrienne mugging for the camera at The Signature Lounge, the bar on the 96th floor of the Hancock Center.

We were sitting in what was clearly the best corner of the bar for picture-taking, as people kept coming over and standing right behind Adrienne to take picture after picture after picture of Chicago at dusk. To be fair, the view was spectacular. Observe:


Just look at it!

But seriously. This super aggressive older Asian couple eventually just took one of our tables, knocking into Cliff, whose birthday brought us all together in the first place. But he was gracious, as usual, and did not let them spoil his good time.

I, however, felt free to grimace in their general direction.


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big wheel, big star

I <3 Chicago.

I ♥ Chicago.

I took the bus to Lincoln Park. I thought about going to the zoo, but it was positively overrun by school groups and families on spring break trips. I opted for a quick walk around the Nature Boardwalk instead.

After cruising around the boardwalk, I hopped on another bus and headed downtown. Continue reading

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picture post: Patrick was here

I would have written sooner but my internet connection was finally fixed by this really nice Comcast tech yesterday. And I’m still not writing something but posting these pictures instead. You want words? I’ll try to have something in time for Sunday morning afternoon.

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Patrick twirls

At Chicago Cultural Center

Patrick touches the bust of Ira Bach

Today, Patrick and I:

  • Had free breakfast at the hotel.
  • Walked to the Cultural Center to see several art exhibits, including the photography of Vivian Maier.
  • Walked through the Pedway to Macy’s.
  • Saw the painting of SNL’s Seth Meyers currently on display in the furniture department.
  • Ate lunch at Macy’s – Takahashi Noodles and Marc Burger.
  • Took the bus to the Adler Planterium.
  • Took the bus back to the Jewel on Roosevelt.
  • Bought mad snacks at Jewel.
  • Walked back to hotel.
  • Surprised the sweet housekeeper, who was just finishing up in our room when we returned.
  • Dropped off our snacks in the room.
  • Changed into bathing suits.
  • Splashed about in pool.

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Patrick vs. Chicago: the map

I’ve been working on a Google map of places to visit while Patrick is here.

Naturally, it’s almost all restaurants.

I swear we will, like, you know, get culture and stuff by visiting galleries and visiting different neighborhoods. Which will require a lot of energy and therefore we will need to eat CONSTANTLY to keep up our strength.

I’ve got a lot of places on the map, but if you, dear reader, have any suggestions, please feel free to leave me all sorts of delicious suggestions.

As you were.

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Snow my god!; or “I survived the Chicago Blizzaster of 2011 and all I got was this snow in my doorway.”

Yeah, so here in Chicago (and in most of the country), we have been having ourselves some weather. The word “snowthunder” became a reality. SNOMG!

When it began to snow yesterday, I hunkered down and did the best I could not to panic even though the howling wind sounded like it wanted to rip my air conditioner out of the window into which I’d set it. Continue reading

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