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Juror Depardieu

So back in 2008, after many years of living in this great country, I became a naturalized citizen. The swearing-in ceremony was in a federal courtroom, under the impassive gazes of judges from long ago whose portraits lined the walls. I got no miniature American flag, a wrong that was righted when a co-worker gave me one when I went to the office. I think I celebrated this occasion by going to IHOP.

Since then, I’ve been able to exercise some of the benefits of US citizenship. I have a US passport that permits me visa-free travel to more places than my Philippine passport ever could. I have voted in various elections.

There are also obligations to citizenship, one of which is serving on a jury. Something I’d been able to avoid the first two times I got a notice to appear for jury duty service.

  1. First notice – not a citzen yet! Illinois pulls names from the DMV and voter registration rolls. A simple call got me out of it.
  2. Second notice – my last name did not start with a letter in the range of names they needed.
  3. Third notice – FUCK.

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what i did on my summer vacation

Winner and still champion #piñata

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  • Bought my friend Dave a bootleg Darth Vader piñata from Dulcelandia for his birthday
  • Went to New York to see the Charles James show at the Met, hung out in Sunnyside with friends eat massive green chile burgers and meet Sari’s adorable baby, go to a benefit, stay in fancy hotels
  • Read in Carly and Rose’s first show

good morning #selfie

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  • Ran an alumni version of ScavHunt
  • Hung out with Zeke the Cat
  • Took a selfie that I like
  • Flew to LA for V3Con, finally met Joz, ate the same meal at the same restaurant two days in a row
  • Danced to house music with a bunch of other middle-aged people in Daley Plaza

late afternoon nap #marypuppins

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  • Spent July 4th weekend with Lola
  • Said goodbye to Ellen who moved to Seattle
  • Went on insulin
  • Got a Fitbit
  • Went to Pitchfork
  • Walked home from the Loop, broke my feet (temporarily)


  • Drank at The Cove for the first time in 15? 16? years
  • Practically threw up when I saw my piece about the history of prom at my alma mater published in the school bulletin because I was nervous about it being horrible
  • Was the first return reader for That’s All She Wrote Chicago
    • This was also my first live lit show to be held at a tattoo parlor
  • Looked after all the cats in Chicago
  • Hung out with Patrick who came for a visit
    • snorgled belugas
    • saw Robyn and Royskopp
    • ate at Hot Doug’s, probably for the last time
  • Saw Funkadesi play Summerdance, and the experience had me thinking of what Stefon from SNL might say: “The hottest night in Chicago is the Funkadesi show in Grant Park. This show had everything: turbans, Brazilian drummers, bros doing Bollywood dance, white guys in dashikis.”
  • Labor Day weekend
    • Cabaret at the Music Box
    • Art Institute with Toni, Magda, and Andrea to see the Magritte show and get all worked up over it
    • Lie around Leah’s, house-sitting and cat-sitting
    • Binge-watch second season of “Masters of Sex”

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happy new year

I didn’t go out last night. I stayed in. Which was a bit lonely but okay. Next year I will totally invite myself over to somebody else’s house to watch tv and eat takeout.

Nite and I had dim sum at Furama. It was delicious and we were able to dish a little between bites of food.

[findery width=”500″ height=”400″]

After our meal, we stopped by Chiu Quon to pick up pastries to eat later at our respective homes.

I wonder if I could seriously visit Target every day in 2014. Christmas candy was 50% off, but I did buy a single bag of Valentine’s Day Hershey’s kisses at full price. Wishful thinking at my advanced age?

Oh who gives a shit.

The rest of the day was spent watching tv: a “Happy Endings” marathon on VH1, and the series 3 premiere of “Sherlock” on the internet.

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the woodlawn tap

So I spent the evening at Jimmy’s with Jacinda and some old friends and acquaintances from college.

I ate two cheeseburgers. They were delicious. I REGRET NOTHING.

Jacinda and I tried not to scare Matt’s girlfriend with old stories about college exploits. She did not seem overly traumatized so that’s a win, right?

The cost of a round of drinks at Jimmy’s is still pretty damn cheap. And their cheeseburgers are greasy and tasty and perfect.

Jimmy’s is pretty much my favorite place in Hyde Park. Well, my favorite place that isn’t the Medici, the Seminary Co-op, or the spot in front of my favorite building on the U of C campus* where I used to smoke all the time.

* Update! I had Cobb Hall in mind when I wrote this last night, but there were many other buildings in which I smoked with pleasure and even aplomb! I’ll talk about it in a future post when I’m feeling even more nostalgic than usual.


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last Friday night: Cole’s

"tamale guy for alderman"

I think this is a campaign everyone can get behind.

I spotted this graffiti in the ladies room at Cole’s. Cole’s is a bar in Logan Square that has cheap beer, a pool table, and a back room for bands to play in.

Officially, I was at Cole’s to see a band featuring a college pal of mine, Jacinda, and Joe’s. Unofficially, I was there to gossip with Jacinda on a rare night out for the both of us together. I figured if she and Joe could find a sitter (read: grandma, who lives two blocks away from Cole’s) then the least I could is put on some pants and meet them for a drink. Continue reading

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Patrick and Justin vs. Chicago

Patrick and Justin

Patrick and Justin

Wednesday, August 24

  • Brothers land at O’Hare, 30 minutes late. I don’t meet them there as previously planned as I need to spend more time at home moving my piles around cleaning.
  • I meet the brothers at the neighborhood Walgreens. I buy them drinks, shampoo, toothpaste, then shuffle back to mine so we can turn in for the night.

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weekend wrap-up: the boys and the brunch

Famous last words. It was more like three tacos. And a horchata.

And all this after splitting the pimento cheese plate with Danita at The Southern.

But before we split two desserts (and I drank a milkshake) at Hot Chocolate:

I'm waddling home. (Just spotted Milk Chocolate Milkshake, Doughnuts, And Blueberry Lemon Tart on @Foodspotting)

Hot Chocolate: so much dessert

And this was just Friday night.

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we ate this: The Southern

The Southern: Augusta Palmer

Where: The Southern, 1840 W. North Avenue, Chicago

When: Wednesday night

Who: Me, Danita, Chico

Why: I am a fool in general, but for fried chicken especially. Does that make sense? I have always loved it. I could eat it every day. I know that I should not, but it’s true that I love it very much. The Southern serves fried chicken that is quite delectable. Not pictured are the sides we ordered — collard greens, cheese grits, and french fries. All terrific.

Evan, the general manager, came over to say hello. We sampled a delicious whiskey with him, and it was he who suggested the wonderful dessert (which was on the house — thanks again!)

Pictures after the jump!

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diversity is a hot dog

i'm delicious

i'm delicious. But am I diverse?

When left to my own devices, I don’t always make the best choices. This is especially true when it comes to eating lunch by myself. A few weeks ago (on the day of Nathan’s fake birthday party), I had lunch at the Popeye’s Chicken/Gold Coast Dogs a block away from the new office.

I got a two piece and a biscuit, then settled down at a Formica table to, you know, chow down. I didn’t have much company in the restaurant, which was fine. I could enjoy my lunch in a quiet setting. Besides, who else would be at Popeye’s on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon?

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