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picture post: Patrick was here

I would have written sooner but my internet connection was finally fixed by this really nice Comcast tech yesterday. And I’m still not writing something but posting these pictures instead. You want words? I’ll try to have something in time for Sunday morning afternoon.

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The brother has landed

Schnitzel with @patrickjd!

Patrick at The Berghoff

Patrick is here! Let the shenanigans begin!

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Jasmine. Tan. Laundry

As you do.

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thursday and friday

Whenever Jen or Diana e-mail me to tell me that a particular “Intern Jasmine’s Links of the Daysian” post is a good one, I get all warm and fuzzy. So read this week’s post and leave a comment already!

I have an interview on Monday. An actual in person group interview the idea of which makes me nervous. Nervous! Also I don’t own a suit. I need to buy a suit, and I’ve not been having much luck finding one.

So let’s look at some pictures instead. Continue reading


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Sunday kind of Jasmine

At Cloud Gate (The Bean)

I went for a walk today.

That’s sort of true. First I took the bus to the Macy’s on State Street, where I discovered that Marc Burger, along with the other counters on the seventh floor, was closed. Closed! I was forced to eat a cheeseburger from the food court in the basement.

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Where’s Jeff?

Where's Jeff?

One of these things is not like the other.

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Cutest card ever, or cutest card ever?


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pacific time

"A rose for Lilly."

I am in Los Angeles.

I’ve spent the day looking at pretty buildings, taking pictures, and eating sausage.

Which is how it should be.

I’ll be writing a recap of the Amtrak adventure soon enough. Maybe even tonight! In the meantime, enjoy this picture of the fountain at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and enjoy your evening.

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tree baby

baby in a tree

tree baby

Hopefully I write a post later in the day, assuming I get all of my pre-vacation chores done. I meant to do some stuff yesterday but I had too much fun hanging out with Nite on what ended up being a perfect day. And isn’t that what Sundays are for, to play catch-up?

I saw this yesterday while waiting for the bus to go to the zoo. This is the tree outside of the Caribou Coffee on my block. It’s the Caribou that some people in the neighborhood call the “Cruise-ibou”. It’s a very social place to be.

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happy birthday patrick

the many faces of patrick

Dear Patrick,

Today is your birthday. I can’t remember the last time I was home for your birthday. We should do something for your birthday next year. I’ll be 35, you’ll be turning 30, and I think we should do something fun to mark our reaching such important milestones. Like crying over our miserable love lives into giant vats of gelato. Or bemoaning the states of our careers while eating hot dogs.

I kid!

I’m glad we’ve become friends in adulthood. I look forward to more good times in our dotage.


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