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what i did on my summer vacation

Winner and still champion #piñata

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  • Bought my friend Dave a bootleg Darth Vader piñata from Dulcelandia for his birthday
  • Went to New York to see the Charles James show at the Met, hung out in Sunnyside with friends eat massive green chile burgers and meet Sari’s adorable baby, go to a benefit, stay in fancy hotels
  • Read in Carly and Rose’s first show

good morning #selfie

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  • Ran an alumni version of ScavHunt
  • Hung out with Zeke the Cat
  • Took a selfie that I like
  • Flew to LA for V3Con, finally met Joz, ate the same meal at the same restaurant two days in a row
  • Danced to house music with a bunch of other middle-aged people in Daley Plaza

late afternoon nap #marypuppins

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  • Spent July 4th weekend with Lola
  • Said goodbye to Ellen who moved to Seattle
  • Went on insulin
  • Got a Fitbit
  • Went to Pitchfork
  • Walked home from the Loop, broke my feet (temporarily)


  • Drank at The Cove for the first time in 15? 16? years
  • Practically threw up when I saw my piece about the history of prom at my alma mater published in the school bulletin because I was nervous about it being horrible
  • Was the first return reader for That’s All She Wrote Chicago
    • This was also my first live lit show to be held at a tattoo parlor
  • Looked after all the cats in Chicago
  • Hung out with Patrick who came for a visit
    • snorgled belugas
    • saw Robyn and Royskopp
    • ate at Hot Doug’s, probably for the last time
  • Saw Funkadesi play Summerdance, and the experience had me thinking of what Stefon from SNL might say: “The hottest night in Chicago is the Funkadesi show in Grant Park. This show had everything: turbans, Brazilian drummers, bros doing Bollywood dance, white guys in dashikis.”
  • Labor Day weekend
    • Cabaret at the Music Box
    • Art Institute with Toni, Magda, and Andrea to see the Magritte show and get all worked up over it
    • Lie around Leah’s, house-sitting and cat-sitting
    • Binge-watch second season of “Masters of Sex”

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audio from “solo in the second city: live at transistor”

Carly’s bandmate Jon made a recording of us reading our pieces for Solo In The Second City: Live At Transistor. Hurray Jon! I haven’t listened to my section yet. I bet I sound weird.

It’s posted over at Solo In The Second City, so go listen to it already!

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imma read

So I read this post last week at Solo in the Second City: Live at Transistor with Melinda and Carly. I think the reading went well. We had a nice crowd of people, and there was wine. I didn’t have any, but it was nice that it was there.

I think I read aloud okay, but I feel I can always stand to read louder, slower, and stronger. Maybe try some of the jokier bits on people and see how they feel about them, because maybe the bits are just a little too jokey. Tighten up my sentences, remember to breathe. I’ll try not to forget these should I get the opportunity to read, either for Solo or for another party, in the future.

Annabel Garcia of wrote this lovely piece about Solo in the Second City. Please read it, especially the bit about me:

Jasmine Davila, 36 a software tester is one of those authors who was approached. She said that she had never read at another event but has read at Solo in the Second City and will be doing it again in May.

“I think reading for the series has helped me figure out how to write for performance,” said Davila. “It also reminded me that I love reading to people and I love being read to.”

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this is jasmine, reading for solo in the second city, live at transistor

This totally killer poster was designed by Chien-An Yuan.

I’m reading something (that I have yet to write) for Solo in the Second City: Live at Transistor.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to write something about: recent solo trips to the movies, my first solo vacation three months ago, how some grown-ass men on the bus act all delicate when my allegedly gigantic self sits in the vacant seat next to them, and how I think my brother and I may be turning into Matthew and Marilla from Anne of Green Gables.

It’s gonna be swell. There will be readings from Carly, Melinda, and me, and a musical performance by Jon & Carly. Afterwards, maybe we can all go get a hamburger or something.

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“Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

Dear everybody:

You, my friends, are awesome. The people who have called and written to me since losing my job, offering support, advice, and food, have been great. You say things like “You’re smart and capable.” and “I know you’ll find something.” which are wonderful to hear.

Though to be perfectly honest I’d like to be hearing more things like “I heard about this job I think you’d be perfect for and it pays eleventy billion dollars a year and all you have to do is update your Tumblr blog with brief semi-legible notes about what you ate for lunch.” Or “Hi. You just inherited a bunch of non-taxable money from someone who is very much alive but wanted you to have the money now because you seem to be in a pickle.”

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“When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?”

I’m participating in National Blog Posting Month, aka “NaBloPoMo”, for June 2010. Previous attempts at participation were, um, not as successful, but I am determined to blog at least once a day, every day, even it it kills me. Or at least causes me a great deal of procrastination-related pain.

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i like to watch: nerds, gleeks, and paintballs

I remember saying a while ago that “Modern Family” was my favorite show of the current season (which is currently winding down) but even then I wasn’t sure with “Community”, “Justified”, and “Glee” being in the mix. “Glee” has felt off to me since its return, and Alyssa Rosenberg crystallized my feelings almost exactly when she wrote about “Glee” for The Atlantic earlier this week.

Of course, I still love “Glee”, but I’m forcing myself to be pickier about what I do and don’t like. Right now, I’m not always loving the musical numbers, Rachel-Jesse-Finn, and (as ever) Asian/Other Asian/Mercedes/Artie getting little screentime. Am I still dying for some represent-Asian for my yellow, brown, and black peeps? Fuck yes.

Especially since they killed off all the Asians on “Lost”. They killed off all the Asians!

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