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a word from little H; or, so happy to be home

Excerpts from a text message convo between me and big J (little H’s mother):

mama J: And you will be happy to know little H will be relieved you’re home. I told her you were on vacation, and she’s been telling everyone her “aunt jasmine is far away for a long time.” awwww… Sad!

me: Awwww! My heart is breaking!

mama J: It’s not like she sees you SO often… I think she just likes knowing you’re around.

Admit it, you’re crying too, aren’t you?

London trip report coming soon.


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Patrick and Justin vs. Chicago

Patrick and Justin

Patrick and Justin

Wednesday, August 24

  • Brothers land at O’Hare, 30 minutes late. I don’t meet them there as previously planned as I need to spend more time at home moving my piles around cleaning.
  • I meet the brothers at the neighborhood Walgreens. I buy them drinks, shampoo, toothpaste, then shuffle back to mine so we can turn in for the night.

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penny-farthing and pork

This is Patrick riding a penny-farthing. He had quite a bit of energy after we wandered around the Chicago History Museum.

I don’t understand how I can be so tired when all I’ve been doing since Patrick and Justin have been here is eat, stand around, and then eat some more.

Today, for breakfast, we all had a slice of leftover deep dish from Giordano’s. Lunch was sausages and cheese fries at Hot Doug’s. Tonight, we dine at The Girl and Goat. I am very excited.

Expect regular blogging to resume later this week, with a recap of their visit and some of the delicious foods we have been eating.

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wake up, Justin

brothers in the park

The brother have been here since Wednesday night, hence no blogging.

Right now, Patrick and I are showered and dressed. We’re watching The Joy Luck Club and waiting for Justin to wake up, shower, and dress so we can make our reservation at The Publican.

Since they’ve been here, we have walked around quite a bit and eaten a lot of food. Oh, the food. And still so much left to eat.

Wake up, Justin. Wake up!

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evidence that my brother is some kind of evil genius

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like mother, like daughter


Mom at Queens Center (aka "happiest place in Queens, y'all")

When my mother was growing up in a small village in the Philippines, she was a beauty. She still is a beauty. She won a small beauty pageant when she was 19.

When I was growing up in Queens, I had bad skin and frizzy hair that I sometimes cut myself and I was fat. I won the district wide spelling bee in fifth grade, an honor that came with a medal and a trophy and a blue satin jacket from The New York Daily News that had the legend DISTRICT WIDE SPELLING BEE CHAMPION on the back. Continue reading


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photo post: had a birthday

I loved this tweet from my brother.

birthday points from Foursquare

whoopie pies

Sable Kitchen & Bar: Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies & Vanilla Milkshake

birthday bubbles

As a VIB member at Sephora, I got this free gift!

Little H, Big J


birthday cupcake


Doolittle loves me.

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happy birthday, Dad

Dad classes it up at the Palmer House

Dad in a rare moment of rest

Dear Dad:

Happy Birthday! You sounded tired when we spoke earlier on the telephone, but happy.

I hope you have a pleasant birthday, and that you will able to get some rest soon. Also, a winning lottery ticket. I think we’d all like that.



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picture post: Patrick was here

I would have written sooner but my internet connection was finally fixed by this really nice Comcast tech yesterday. And I’m still not writing something but posting these pictures instead. You want words? I’ll try to have something in time for Sunday morning afternoon.

On to the pictures! Continue reading

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Patrick twirls

At Chicago Cultural Center

Patrick touches the bust of Ira Bach

Today, Patrick and I:

  • Had free breakfast at the hotel.
  • Walked to the Cultural Center to see several art exhibits, including the photography of Vivian Maier.
  • Walked through the Pedway to Macy’s.
  • Saw the painting of SNL’s Seth Meyers currently on display in the furniture department.
  • Ate lunch at Macy’s – Takahashi Noodles and Marc Burger.
  • Took the bus to the Adler Planterium.
  • Took the bus back to the Jewel on Roosevelt.
  • Bought mad snacks at Jewel.
  • Walked back to hotel.
  • Surprised the sweet housekeeper, who was just finishing up in our room when we returned.
  • Dropped off our snacks in the room.
  • Changed into bathing suits.
  • Splashed about in pool.

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