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last Friday night: Cole’s

"tamale guy for alderman"

I think this is a campaign everyone can get behind.

I spotted this graffiti in the ladies room at Cole’s. Cole’s is a bar in Logan Square that has cheap beer, a pool table, and a back room for bands to play in.

Officially, I was at Cole’s to see a band featuring a college pal of mine, Jacinda, and Joe’s. Unofficially, I was there to gossip with Jacinda on a rare night out for the both of us together. I figured if she and Joe could find a sitter (read: grandma, who lives two blocks away from Cole’s) then the least I could is put on some pants and meet them for a drink. Continue reading


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pigs, printers, and pudus

Thursday, July 29

I put on a sundress and went to the Art Institute after work for a Gapers Block/Explore Chicago meetup. Admission to the museum is free Thursday evenings, from 5:30 until closing time at 8:00. If I’d known members could just cruise in and bypass the line, I would have done so. But the guards managing the line looked so stern. I didn’t want to bother them.

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the lady & the lightning

Monday, July 19

I think you already know that my big idea of the day was coming up with Flat Jasmine. To give you an update: Rachel is currently prepping FJ for BlogHer ’10:

Getting ready for BlogHer '10!

I’m dying over how great she looks. The ChronicBabe logo is for Jenni, who can’t get to BlogHer this year either. The Buried logo for Kerri‘s husband Chris, who wrote the film. Am I namedropping? Sure, why not, but I believe it’s honorable when done for the sake of your friends.

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10 years: should we party?

Pretty flower!

So I was thinking, you know, that in years past, to celebrate my blog’s anniversary, I’d do something special.

Eat a meal, have a drink, maybe sing some karaoke.

I think I’d like to do something for this blog’s tenth anniversary, so help a blogger out? Leave suggestions in the comments? At least tell me what you think of the possibilities I have: Continue reading

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jazzie dearest

Friday, May 7

First Friday at the MCA with Jeff — Free food, cash bar, music provided by The Hood Internet (DJ set). We got there at opening, so we got first crack at the buffet (mini burgers, doughnuts with dipping sauces, grilled veggies, and some corn polenta thing) and at the art. Galleries did not permit drinks, so lots of people hovered in the main corridor, which made it kind of difficult to go back for more snacks. The people-watching was pretty decent, but what can you say about a meat market for bros and trixies that hasn’t already been said?

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put me on

I felt cute last Friday. Maybe it was the fact that my eyeliner went on with little fuss or smudging (amazing considering that I apply it on the bus — true story!), or that my hair wasn’t as frizzy as it is usually. Was it the pair of insane wedges I wore around the office that day? My favorite yellow stone necklace paired so fetchingly with a lavender t-shirt and bootcut jeans? In any case, I felt cute. Did I look cute? Maybe.

The important thing is that I felt it, and then it felt like it was true.

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look closer

Khloé gave me a pass to the opening preview of Art Chicago, which opens today and runs through Monday, May 3. Admission to NEXT and The Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair, the other two events that comprise Artropolis, was included. I asked Nite to come with me. We had a great deal of fun checking out the fair together last year (see pictures of that here).

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time for tacos

I was the first to arrive. The line to get into Big Star was about three parties deep. I got lucky when a large group of people decided to get off the line and go up the street for food. I sent Elisa a text to let her know I had arrived and was on line. I got up to the front of the line and met Lonno. He wore glasses and a leather jacket.

“Hello. How are you doing? I’m waiting for three more, so we’ll be four.” Elisa had told me the minimum for a table was four. All others had to hope for a spot at the bar to get food and drink.

“Are they almost here? On their way?” Lonno looked concerned. “I’m Lonno, by the way. Just call ’em, tell them to ask for me and then they should tell me they’re with you.”

“Great, I’m Jasmine.”

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