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Power Asians

I met Ernie last week after many years of stalking following him on-line. We have friends in common (Andrew and Cinnamon!), we’re Asian, we’re bloggers, we’re Asian bloggers! But it wasn’t until Jeff made his acquaintance and invited us all to dinner last week when Ernie was in town visiting his friend Royce that we met in real life.

Naturally, we gorged ourselves on Korean fried chicken at Crisp. And then we ate ice cream at Bobtail and gossiped. Oh how we gossiped. I had too much fun talking to him, Royce, and Jeff.

I’m thinking now that we have met Ernie and I must form an Asian American blogger cabal that, like Voltron, will dominate Asian American social media. We will form an Avengers-like group of Asian American bloggers that will cater to all of your Asian American bloggeration needs.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense, but I sense someday soon that it will.


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roll with it

I thought you should know that lately, when I write from home, I write in bed, usually right before I go to sleep at night, wearing a tanktop and underwear. On the weekends, I write in the morning, still in bed, but wrapped in a bedsheet. Lest you get excited, it doesn’t look anything like this:

Attractive twenties asian brunette woman

Note: this is definitely not me. I mean, I'm pretty sure she's on a PC and I am a Mac user through and through.

For me, try something like “Jabba the Hut wearing a windsock”. I’d post a picture of that but there is none. My extensive Googling didn’t yield a picture of Jabba wearing a windsock but maybe if enough people read this post somebody will get the hint and make me an image with MS Paint.

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favorite search terms for This Is Jasmine on Friday, April 8, 2011

  • “elsa patton walter mercado”
  • “spinster behavior”
  • “harry potter rice king”
  • “billowing+cake”

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Michael Palin’s Diarist Dos and Don’ts

“A Dogged Diarist’s Dos and Don’ts of Diary Writing” by Michael Palin is going to become essential reading for me. It’s funny, it’s true, and, most importantly, it’s short!

Write every day. Diaries are all about habit. They should become a regular part of your day, like cleaning your teeth or going to the lavatory. And, if possible, just as interesting.


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This is a very famous and important blog.

I’m in somebody’s top ten. Rather, this blog is.

I know, right? This Is Jasmine is on The Core’s list of top ten UChicago blogs.

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tim gunn & me


Tim looks awesome. I look terrible.

I won’t be home to watch the season 8 premiere of Project Runway (boo!) because I’ll be partying at the Art Institute with my fellow Gapers Block people (yay!).

So please enjoy this picture taken of me with Tim Gunn when he appeared at BlogHer ’09.

We can talk about my shiny-ass forehead and white t-shirt that makes me look like a balloon at a later time, okay?


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10 years: you make me feel mighty unreal

Back in January, I had this idea that to celebrate 10 years of blogging, I’d post every old dispatch of “news from the flip front” (what this blog used to be called until last year) to this blog. I got a pretty good start, or so I thought, and then I just got lazy and forgot about posting the rest.

Story of my life.

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flat jasmine

flat jasmine!

i am flat jasmine

While I’m not attending BlogHer ’10 next month, Flat Jasmine is going in my place. She’ll be tagging along with Rachel (@talesofrachel), the author of Tales of My Thirties. I met Rachel last year at BlogHer ’09, at a party thrown by Poppy, and we’ve kept up with each other via Twitter ever since.

Click here to read the whole story, and feel free to follow @flatjasmine on Twitter.


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super jasmine

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is:

What is your superpower?

Um, okay.

  • karaoke
  • puppy belly scratching
  • dancing like a robot
  • eating cheese
  • movie-watching
  • comparison shopping

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general admission

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is:

What are the five best bands you’ve seen play live?

In no particular order:

Morrissey — I haven’t seen him play in years, but I saw him a bunch of times in high school, and a couple of times in college.

  • There was a show at Madison Square Garden that I attended with my sister. We cried when he performed “Everyday Is Like Sunday”. Your Arsenal tour, maybe? Damn, I love that record.
  • Another show at the Limelight that got shut down early by the fire department because the venue was over capacity. I somehow found myself sitting on top of a giant speaker, praying it didn’t get knocked down by the crowd at my feet.
  • Any show where he’d play a few Smiths songs.

The Roots — I feel like they played my college a lot. Which was great. Not so great — all the hippies doing their noodle dancing in the crowd.

Depeche Mode — Second concert ever. Reach out and touch faith, y’all.

Basement Jaxx — This wasn’t a show so much as a DJ set on a school night. They went on last. At, like, 1:30 in the morning and spun until 4:00. It was great. I should have taken the next day off from work, though.

Har Mar Superstar — I’ve seen Har Mar twice, and the first time was the better of the two shows, both of which were at The Empty Bottle. Incidentally, that show was the first time I’d seen The Gossip and Beth Ditto got all flirty on the dance floor me. Seriously! I’m awesome.

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