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Dude, I don’t even know how I feel about these eyebrows anymore.

I’ve no idea if this should be in the first, second, or third person, but considering I’ve started this sentence with the word “I’ve” it is the first.

  1. This blog used to be called “News from The Flip Front”.
  2. Before it was a blog it was a newsletter I sent to about forty people.
    1. Sometimes those forty people would forward it to other people I didn’t know which was cool because they seemed to think it was pretty funny or at least not worth immediately marking as spam.
  3. I’ve been writing mostly personal stories and essays since childhood.
  4. Blogs I should be writing more for:
    1. Gapers Block
    2. Disgrasian™
    3. 8Asians
  5. I have actually written for money! A modest amount, and not recently, but I have!
  6. Every time I tell my brother Patrick he’s my best friend he says “I’m not your friend, sir, I’m your brother.”
  7. Yes, we call each other “sir”.
  8. I just bought one of those plastic Slurpee mason jars (they come with a reusable straw that has a mustache on it!) from the 7-Eleven in the building where I work and it is the best.
  9. I spend a lot of time and money at that 7-Eleven.
  10. Topics I will be happy to bore you about:
    1. Where I went to college
    2. Where I went to high school
    3. plot theories about the following television shows
      1. Mad Men
      2. Game of Thrones
      3. My Mad Fat Diary
      4. Shahs of Sunset
    4. corgi mixes in order of cuteness
    5. hot dogs
    6. Hot Doug’s
    7. Chicago-specific phenomena of which I am aware
      1. dibs
      2. polar vortices
      3. the tamale guy
      4. Chosen Few DJs house picnic
    8. the filmography of Tom Hiddleston
    9. young adult literature of the 70’s and 80’s
    10. greatestest year in hip-hop (a conversation which started among some friends of mine about ten years ago which we have yet to decide)

6 responses to “About

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  2. Aimee Sims

    why did your name cross my mind??? Jasmine – do you remember me – from Prep for Prep/Brearley days?? just happened to “google you” amazing to see you’re writing now – I work on the national desk at The Associated Press – it’s an editing desk but I write reviews of Gospel music, etc.
    hope you are well!
    drop me a note if you want!
    Grace and Peace!

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  4. I’m all for all of your items. I feel bad about diabetes. I have lupus. 😦

  5. Hey, dude, you don’t have an email listed here. I wanted to ask you something.

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