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I stocked the freezer with wings and tater tots, but I forgot to get more stuff to drink. I made spinach balls Friday night, two cookie sheets worth that went into the fridge to set. I made sure my bathing suit was dry, and asked the lovely doorman to send up my trio of guests when they arrived.

I should have left the house in the morning to swim, or maybe walk to Navy Pier and ride the Ferris wheel. Watch Blue Jasmine at the movie theater around the corner. But there was a marathon of My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV, and cats to hold on my lap.

Lisa was the first to arrive. We snacked and watched tv until Damien arrived, at which point we put on our suits and headed to the pool to hang out.

We shared the pool with other residents and their friends. I felt the stare of a dark-haired girl wearing large wraparound sunglasses and a Cubs t-shirt. Or maybe I was paranoid because I had my period and was worried that the super absorbent tampon might still leak?

Yes, y’all, I’ve been menstruating for 26 years (more off than on in the last few years, thanks to PCOS) and I still worry about leaks. More so than mean-looking girls at public pools.

But there was a sweet trio of ladies and their teeny daughters who played with their mamas’ long mermaid-like hair. An aviator-wearing girl hanging with some dude pals who brought beer. A couple and their son, Dad and boy practiced their strokes in laps while mom floated on her back.

Eventually Byl turned up and joined me, Damien, and Lisa in the pool where we talked about… what did we talk about?

Lynda Carter. Nick Carter and maybe sleeping with dudes because they look like Nick Carter. Which is when you find out that dudes who look like Nick Carter often sleep and bone in bedrooms that are decorated with posters of Nick Carter. Boy bands in general. The swimming requirement for undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. Market Days.

When it finally got too cold even for the heated pool, we headed inside for wings and pizza rolls and oh those spinach balls and tots and beer that Damien brought. At some point, Lisa, Damien, and Byl were each bundled up in blanket, cats in laps or squeezed in between, while we watched Million Dollar Listing New York and discussed that one broker who made porno movies. The sight of my three friends curled up made me rather happy, and I was grateful to have the use of a pool and a lovely apartment to entertain.

While Damien and Byl couldnt stay to watch the Navy Pier fireworks, Lisa and I stayed up, pausing the tv and shutting out the lights at 10:15 when we saw and heard the first booms. It was a lovely end to a virtually perfect day.


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