a #Lolla of my very own

While Grant Park will be full of the best little Camelbak-sporting bros and Lana-bes that the city (and, let’s be honest, it’s suburbs) have to offer, my old ass will be sitting out Lollapalooza 2013.

Admittedly, Patrick and I had a pretty good time last year. But this year’s line-up didn’t grab us as much (though I’d love to see Queens of the Stone Age), and besides I have my own Lolla to throw this year.

Like I said yesterday, I’m cat-sitting in a building with a pool, so I’m throwing a small “Lollapapoolza” tomorrow as the weather permits. There will be spinach balls and prison cheesecake (chalk this up to my recent obsession with both the book and the tv show Orange Is The New Black) and good times for all.

I will keep an eye and a ear turned towards the Lollapalooza webcasts, in the hopes that some of my fellow old people pals who were crazy enough to brave the crowds make their way onscreen before getting swallowed up by the crowds of boys wearing flag and girls wearing fake flower crowns.


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