ten for tuesday

1. At some point during my tenure at the super awesome private school I attended from seventh grade through upper school (read: high school), Tuesdays after a three day weekend would have a Monday schedule. So instead, of say, starting with math and French then a 15 minute mid-morning break before third period and the rest of your usual Tuesday, you’d have Latin and then assembly for middle school and upper school before break and something awful like a double period of biology.

It wasn’t hard to catch on to the change to the schedule, as any impulse you might have to run to your locker to get your French workbook before class was immediately stricken down by the sight and sound of several hundred girls racing down flights and flights of stairs to the assembly hall. So you’d run to your homeroom, fling your bag in the general direction of your desk, and then hustle downstairs, hoping somebody would save you a decent seat for the morning’s program (good: all male a capella singing group from Yale because hello DUDES and aren’t the Whiffenpoofs basically the private school version of, like One Direction?; bad: talk from mumbling adult about something boring but VERY IMPORTANT like THE ENVIRONMENT).

2. I’m thinking of bringing back my annual list of right-ons, where I’d make a list of things I loved, inspired by Marlys Mullen of Lynda Barry’s comics. I think everybody should do it.

3. I need a perfect, crisp $5 bill to tuck into Hyacinth’s birthday card. Because yes, she is going to be five. And little Nathan is six. And I am older, too.

4. I don’t even want to think about how old I am. Oh, yes I do. Mainly because I love birthdays and mine especially and how I’d dearly love to host a party except my apartment can maybe hold three people. I think I may just invite people to join me at Hot Doug’s on the day and see who turns up to stand on line for a hot dog for a long time. Maybe I could get to Doug’s as soon as they open and just spend the entire day there, holding court at the large round table, and just eating and hanging with people show up until I have to be taken to the hospital on a special hot dog bun stretcher that looks like the life-size hot dog bun at the Chicago History Museum.

i'm delicious

i’m delicious

5. I may finally use the restaurant gift card that Leah gave me for house sitting last year. I am very excited to use it at the Olive Garden. I’ve never been to one. The prospect of unlimited breadsticks makes me very happy.

6. The Shedd Aquarium has a blue lobster. It’s true! He? She? is on reserve, and therefore not visible to the public. You can, however, meet this lobster if you sign up for the behind the scenes tour which, while lacking penguin encounters, is quite informative and fun and you do get to pet these goldfish with bumpy heads.

7. I went to Hot Doug’s yesterday with Carly. We only waited 15? 20? minutes before we made our way inside and ordered lunch. If I didn’t manage to develop gout after eating THREE HOT DOGS and half a large order of cheese fries, then I really must be indestructible. My theory is that I’ve eaten so many processed foods, and there are preservatives left in my body that are keeping me alive (if not exactly healthy).

8. Still watching “Girls” even if the new season is pretty boring so far.

9. My brother and Anna are coming to visit in March. Not the weekend of St. Patrick’s, so we won’t be forced to fight crowds of binge drinkers and tourists. But maybe we should plan on wearing green items anyway so we don’t run the risk of getting pinched in crowds?

10. Thanks to Kim and Joseline’s suggestions, I am now thinking of going to far off places that I haven’t yet saved up for yet. Iceland, Turkey, and Sweden are my top three, though Peru may knock Sweden out of the running.


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