seven months later

Oh. Hello!

It seems that the last time I blogged here was June 2012. What the fuck have I been up to since then? A lot, I’d imagine, but I can only seem to remember the following:

  1. Seen Magic Mike three times.
  2. Visited New York City twice.
    1. September 2012: Got bitten by a million mosquitos in Uncle Gerhard’s garden. Stayed at Maria and Clancy’s without actually seeing either Maria or Clancy. Attended my first US Open (thank you, Gabe). Nearly ate lunch at Le Bernardin. Ate at Shake Shack twice. Sweated profusely throughout.
    2. December 2012/January 2013: Saw family. Stayed at Kevin and Gabe’s. Looked after Guapo. Saw Anna. Visited New Haven and Philadelphia. Saw one of The Screams at MoMA. First visit to The Highline and The Spotted Pig. Upgraded to first class both ways because it was cheap and you get actual food and drink on plates and in glasses. Celebrated New Year’s Eve by watching CNN with Patrick while eating Wendy’s.
  3. Celebrated my first anniversary at work.
  4. Won tickets to Lollapalooza.
    1. Still so excited that Patrick actually flew in to be my +1.
    2. Patrick thinks the first night, where we sat on a grassy knoll-y spot while listening to the Black Keys with a bunch of other chill folks was the best.
    3. We saw Alison Brie from “Community” and that was very exciting because that show is awesome.
    4. Frank Ocean was the best.
  5. Paid off three credit cards, much to the dismay of my emergency fund.
  6. Got to vote in my first presidential election.
  7. Housesat for my friend Leah.
    1. I really enjoyed this. Leah has two cats, and they were delightful. Also, there was a little rooftop patio for diet soda drinking and book reading when the weather was nice.
    2. She lives in Greektown so of course I ate a lot of gyros during my stay.
  8. Thought about restarting this personal blog, but got distracted by something on Tumblr or Twitter.
  9. Joined committee for my college reunion (15 years, y’all).
  10. Celebrated Thanksgiving with homemade fried chicken at Lisa and Justin’s with them and a couple of pals. Also saw ThanksKilling — incredible.
  11. Swore that 2013:
    1. … will be the year that I am finally done with these Invisalign trays that I should have finished with in March 2011.
    2. … will be the year I actually finish writing something (a blog post, an essay, an ebook, a screenplay, a grocery list).
    3. will be the year I actually go out with one of these dudes who sometimes message me on OKC. #forreal
    4. will be the year I go somewhere I’ve not yet been.*

* Suggestions are encouraged.



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3 responses to “seven months later

  1. Joseline

    Morocco, Turkey, Peru, Sweden!

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