last Saturday afternoon

a reunion

It was towards the end of the party, at a lovely home in a sleepy village west of Chicago, that the parents, all old friends, started herding their children together to take a picture.

The children took their places standing in front of, or hanging on the hips of, their parents, who made sure their children faced the cameras. The parents, who all met long ago in that magical time known as the 1990s at a magical place called Hogwarts the University of Chicago, looked much the same as they did when they first met. The children, of course, looked just like their parents.

One slightly bashful looking auntie, childless herself, was prodded into place. Shutters (do digital cameras have shutters?) clicked or flashed, and the auntie tried to ignore the fact that she bore more than a passing resemblance to a certain Mrs. Potatohead in this very important photograph.

The picture made, the children sprung back into action, climbing and clambering, and time started forward once more.


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