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So I read this post last week at Solo in the Second City: Live at Transistor with Melinda and Carly. I think the reading went well. We had a nice crowd of people, and there was wine. I didn’t have any, but it was nice that it was there.

I think I read aloud okay, but I feel I can always stand to read louder, slower, and stronger. Maybe try some of the jokier bits on people and see how they feel about them, because maybe the bits are just a little too jokey. Tighten up my sentences, remember to breathe. I’ll try not to forget these should I get the opportunity to read, either for Solo or for another party, in the future.

Annabel Garcia of wrote this lovely piece about Solo in the Second City. Please read it, especially the bit about me:

Jasmine Davila, 36 a software tester is one of those authors who was approached. She said that she had never read at another event but has read at Solo in the Second City and will be doing it again in May.

“I think reading for the series has helped me figure out how to write for performance,” said Davila. “It also reminded me that I love reading to people and I love being read to.”


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