may the broads be ever in your favor

Katniss says thank you for your support

I want to start a podcast called “May the Broads Be Ever In Your Favor” where I would talk about The Hunger Games with my grown lady friends who also want to talk about the books, the movie and, most importantly, PEETA.

I finished reading Mockingjay earlier today. As soon as I put it down, I tucked The Hunger Games into my bag to start reading all over again tomorrow.

I saw the movie over the weekend with Robyn and Jacinda, and I really enjoyed it. I cried when (SPOILER) Rue was killed in the movie, just like I cried when she was killed in the book. I told Jacinda about this after the movie, when the three of us were standing in the courtyard of the movie theater, talking about our favorite parts (PEETA) before we went back up to the theater lounge to have a drink. She laughed at me and said that it seems I have more sympathy for fictional characters than my friends in real life.

I thought it was funny that people laughed whenever the movie showed Gale looking mournful after a shot of Katniss and PEETA getting cozy during the Games. The muttations bursting out of the woods to chase them towards the cornucopia was frightening. Also, could the actress who played Rue be any more perfect and heartbreaking? I thought the importance of the symbol of the mockingjay as a symbol of rebellion should have been left in. Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, Elizabeth Banks as Effie, Stanley Tucci as Caesar, and Lenny Kravitz as Cinna were perfectly cast. I could also see Prince playing Cinna but maybe in an alternate universe where Katniss is played by, like, Robyn (the Swedish pop singer, not my friend Robyn). I wanted to hiss whenever President Snow appeared, kinda like how people hiss at Pinkerton when he appears in Madame Butterfly. Nobody in the theater gave the district 12 salute when Katniss did after arranging the flowers around Rue’s body, but I really wanted to. I may start greeting people like that just to mess with them. Also because I am a dweeb.

I didn’t see that anybody dressed up for our showing, though we saw the movie on Saturday night and not Thursday at midnight when the hardcore fan boys and girls would have seen the movie. Maybe I can convince Robyn and Jacinda to dress up when Catching Fire comes out next year. I think we’d look awesome as, say, Katniss, Johanna Mason, and Effie. Now if we could find some nice dudes to dress up as Peeta, Haymitch, and Finnick to join us.


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