with every tweet of my heart

I wanted to write a pithy recap of my week before the weekend, but I can’t find the words. So how about I embed some of my previous tweets in this post instead?


I joined Leah, Dena, and Maria for dinner at Agami (cheap sushi! half-price martinis!) on Tuesday night. As you might be able to tell from the tweet above, I took the Broadway bus. The Broadway bus is probably my favorite long-running show in Chicago. The Muppet-ish girl wasn’t even especially weird or weird-looking, but when she’d open her mouth every so slightly and kind of smile, I would get so freaked out.

I saw the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol movie with Carly on Wednesday night. The movie was fun. Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise wore ALL THE TIGHT PANTS and I am grateful. After the movie, we went to Wendy’s, which is kind of a thing we have. While we ate our burgers, we had a good talk about relationship stuff.

Carly and her friend Melinda have invited me to read something at a reading they have scheduled in a few weeks. I have to write about being single in Chicago. It took me until, like, last night, to figure out what to write about. I have some ideas and some jokes and maybe even some tears to share. Right now my working title is “Are you there, Katherine Heigl? It’s me, Jasmine” and I hope that’s funny enough that you might want to hear what I have to say.

This is something I saw on Tumblr and it’s fucking hilarious:

source: youreyesyourlies.tumblr.com

And finally: my friend Jacqui tweeted that she wants to write a book called “Cooking with Lard” with her friend Cesar. When a quick search of Amazon.com verified the existence of a book with that title, I offered some suggestions.

I think “Praise The Lard” is my favorite.


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