trip planning

will babysit for Apple products

adapt! adapt! adapt!

Dammit, I’m going somewhere. But where?

  1. Finalists are (in order of preference): London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam
  2. Trying to convince Patrick to come with me.
  3. Or anyone, really, who is available between February 15 and February 21.
  4. I am excited even though I’ve not yet bought tickets or lodging.
  5. Khloé suggested Amsterdam, Brussels, and Montreal as more budget-friendly alternatives.
    1. But how am I gonna get my Sherlock/Harry Potter/AbFab on in Montreal?
    2. Also, I don’t speak much French.
    3. I speak no Dutch.
  6. If Patrick doesn’t come with me, this will be the first time I’ve ever gone on a vacation by myself.
  7. My plan is to eat interesting stuff and look at lots of art.
  8. Also to drink the blood orange diet coke I had the last time I went to Europe.
  9. “The last time I went to Europe” – well aren’t I precious?
  10. Just call me Lady Jasmine.


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2 responses to “trip planning

  1. Rachel

    I’m selfish. I’m coming to Chicago (95% sure) Feb 18-20.

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