i like to eat: longanisa and guisada

I didn’t accomplish much this weekend except eat and watch tv.

On Saturday, I met Carly and Elisa at Uncle Mike’s Place for Filipino breakfast and some girl talk. Elisa got the tocino while Carly and I had longanisa. Filipino breakfast comes with eggs, champurrado, garlic fried rice, and kamatis (tomatoes). It looks like this:


Filipino breakfast @ Uncle Mike's Place

After Carly left for next adventure, Elisa and I hung out long enough that the owner gave us a couple of treats to snack on — bowls of white rice with pork sinigang, and then a cold ginataan with corn. Delicious.


Bixby lounges

On Sunday, Elisa invited me over to try her carne guisada. It was yummy. I did not take pictures. Boo! And then we watched Infernal Affairs, which was fantastic. And then we ate ice cream and watched Flower Boy Ramen Shop which may be my new favorite tv show based on the title alone. I’ve never really watched Korean soap operas before but Hulu appears to have tons of them and as I’m all caught up on Downton Abbey, Absolutely Fabulous, and Sherlock, I need some new shit to watch.


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