how i know i’m getting old

1. I am interested in microdermabrasion (see Twitter exchange above).

2. I want to tell younger people how adorable they are. Today I ate my lunch at a “quick service” Italian place. You order at a counter and your food is brought to you at your table. My pasta was served by a lovely young woman who wore strawberry earrings and her curls piled up on her head. I wanted to pinch this girl’s cheeks, she was so cute. She was probably no older than 19, which is almost HALF MY AGE.



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4 responses to “how i know i’m getting old

  1. They may have youth, but we’ll always have clock purses and black lace scrunchies.

  2. Lisa Plotkin

    Comment 1 doesn’t make you old. I perform them all the time on people…and not just old ones or middle aged but those in their early 20s.

    • I might just be behind the curve with regards to preventative skin care, then. Maybe my friends were doing all these fancy things in their twenties and they just never clued me in because I was always smoking, eating fried food, and not drinking enough water in direct sunlight. I have to say that MDA sounds so appealing – a dermatological do-over!

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