the woodlawn tap

So I spent the evening at Jimmy’s with Jacinda and some old friends and acquaintances from college.

I ate two cheeseburgers. They were delicious. I REGRET NOTHING.

Jacinda and I tried not to scare Matt’s girlfriend with old stories about college exploits. She did not seem overly traumatized so that’s a win, right?

The cost of a round of drinks at Jimmy’s is still pretty damn cheap. And their cheeseburgers are greasy and tasty and perfect.

Jimmy’s is pretty much my favorite place in Hyde Park. Well, my favorite place that isn’t the Medici, the Seminary Co-op, or the spot in front of my favorite building on the U of C campus* where I used to smoke all the time.

* Update! I had Cobb Hall in mind when I wrote this last night, but there were many other buildings in which I smoked with pleasure and even aplomb! I’ll talk about it in a future post when I’m feeling even more nostalgic than usual.



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2 responses to “the woodlawn tap

  1. Did you get the sloe gin fizz?!

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