1/3/2012: tv night

Last week I was off work as the office closed for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. When I wasn’t eating or watching movies, I took care of a couple of errands. Like a grown-up, thank you very much.

The first errand was my monthly orthodontist appointment on Wednesday, where the hygienist become fixated on the oiliness shininess of my hair. First she, then one of the receptionists, stroked and patted my head while Dr. P looked at my teeth.

The second errand was my annual check-up at the eye doctor on Thursday. After Dr. M talked to me about dating and getting a move-on with regards to finding a husband and having babies because that’s the kind of talk we have, I rewarded myself with lunch at Longman & Eagle, then a quick visit to the Art Institute. My museum trip wasn’t to see art so much as just sit in the members lounge, drink tea, and read my book. A man with shaggy salt and pepper hair, bearing a fancy camera, approached. He asked if he might take my picture as:

  1. the setting sun made for lovely light
  2. I was reading a book (which he liked especially in a room full of tourists tapping away at smartphones)

So I said yes, even though my hair was pulled back and maybe my lipstick needed a touch-up. He promised to e-mail me the pictures (yes, there was more than one!) when he returned home.

If this is how models are made, then it must be a lovely life indeed.


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  1. Rachel

    Can’t wait to see the pics! (Awesome…)

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