Power Asians

I met Ernie last week after many years of stalking following him on-line. We have friends in common (Andrew and Cinnamon!), we’re Asian, we’re bloggers, we’re Asian bloggers! But it wasn’t until Jeff made his acquaintance and invited us all to dinner last week when Ernie was in town visiting his friend Royce that we met in real life.

Naturally, we gorged ourselves on Korean fried chicken at Crisp. And then we ate ice cream at Bobtail and gossiped. Oh how we gossiped. I had too much fun talking to him, Royce, and Jeff.

I’m thinking now that we have met Ernie and I must form an Asian American blogger cabal that, like Voltron, will dominate Asian American social media. We will form an Avengers-like group of Asian American bloggers that will cater to all of your Asian American bloggeration needs.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense, but I sense someday soon that it will.


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