me gusta ver: La piel que habito

Last Saturday night, Nite invited me to join him and his boyfriend K.C. at the movies. We saw La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In) at the Landmark.

Earlier that day, I stopped at Magnolia Bakery and picked up the following treats to share during the movie. We had:

  • banana pudding (small)
  • chocolate chunk blondie
  • double fudge brownie

This in addition to the popcorn (with real butter) and soda we consumed during the movie. Also, Nite and K.C. had to take a few minutes to flavor their popcorn with at least two, if not three, different flavored toppings at the concessions stand. Of course, this has nothing to do with the movie at all, but I thought you’d like to know that the desserts were delicious.

Though maybe unwrap this stuff before the movie starts so you’re not unwrapping paper and crinkling plastic during an especially tense moment in what can be described as a psycho-sexual thriller in the mold of Frankenstein and My Fair Lady.

  1. Like all Almodóvar movies, The Skin I Live In was gorgeous.
  2. Like most Almodóvar movies, it was grotesque in parts.
  3. Also absurd.
  4. Beautifully shot.
  5. Beautiful people who do ugly things.
  6. Certainly, this movie had a great sense of style.
  7. I want to act in an Almodóvar movie.
  8. I think he and Woody Allen should make a movie together. Even better: Almodóvar should make remake Hannah and Her Sisters in Spanish. I think it would be amazing.
  9. But back to the movie. I found it very easy to become engrossed in the drama but I found it hard to have sympathy for pretty much everybody.
  10. Which is not a dealbreaker, though. I think it got me thinking about these characters and who they were, why they did the things they did, and how far they were willing to go.
  11. Respiro, respiro, respiro.

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