a day at the pumpkin farm


Things that people line up for at the pumpkin farm

  1. to buy a pork chop on a stick
  2. to slide down a big slide
  3. to look at baby animals
  4. to go into the haunted house
  5. to have their photo taken in a fake outhouse

Things that people did in the corn box (a huge pit of dried corn kernels enclosed by bales of hay) in violation of the rules that were posted on a very tiny sign that nobody could really see anyway

  1. jump into corn box
  2. throw corn

Local celebrities I spotted at the corn box

Valerie Warner, formerly of WGN-TV morning news, now the host of Windy City Live on our local ABC affiliate. She is so tiny and cute! She and a girlfriend were hanging with their kids (who were freakin’ adorable by the way) by the corn box.

Why all the fuss over the corn box?

It was really nice to just sort of sit and wiggle your toes in the corn. Stand up, fall back, make corn angels with Little H. Try not to think about the cooties or getting stomped by insane children running through the kernels. It was just nice to sit and chill.

What about the turkey legs?

There were no turkey legs this year! Or last year, as Jacinda told me. But the pork chops on a stick were a fine replacement. And the people selling the pork chops were ever so nice.

How was the weather?

It was perfect. Sunny, clear blue sky, and all you needed was a sweater or light jacket. Some kids wore costumes, though not Little H nor her friend K. I saw a group of adults wearing costumes, with makeup and everything. It looked not as festive as I would have hoped.

Who won the pig races this year?

I think when it comes to the pig races at Bengtson’s, everybody wins. Which means, I don’t remember who won.

How long did you and Joe wait in line for funnel cakes?

20 minutes and IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Was the petting zoo good?

It’s always good but there was this horrible woman who kept throwing carrots (which you can buy at the entrance to the zoo tent) at the animals instead of holding her hand out flat. And then what was worse was her awful children following her example. Just terrible.

I’m not sure why I like this video but I do.

Was it an awesome day?

DUH. Also, I got a ride home and we ate dinner (we had room for dinner!) at the Melrose where I ate a pile of turkey and it was delicious. The end.



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2 responses to “a day at the pumpkin farm

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  2. What a fun time! We go to Bengtson’s every year.

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