Patrick and Justin vs. Chicago

Patrick and Justin

Patrick and Justin

Wednesday, August 24

  • Brothers land at O’Hare, 30 minutes late. I don’t meet them there as previously planned as I need to spend more time at home moving my piles around cleaning.
  • I meet the brothers at the neighborhood Walgreens. I buy them drinks, shampoo, toothpaste, then shuffle back to mine so we can turn in for the night.

Thursday, August 25

  • I go off to work while the brothers do some window-shopping on Michigan Avenue.
  • We meet up for lunch. I take them to the Frontera Fresco counter at Macy’s.
  • I return to work while they visit Millennium Park.
  • Day ends. We head back up to my neighborhood, where we get dinner at Crisp, as well as extra pillows from Marshall’s. Yes, it’s a glamorous life I lead. We eat wings while watching “Project Runway”.
  • Sleep.

Friday, August 26

  • Breakfast at The Melrose.
  • Bus down to Navy Pier where we set sail upon the Tall Ship Windy. Which really means:
    • Stand on line to redeem Living Social vouchers for a really long time with other grouchy passengers to be.
    • Board ship just as it sets sail.
    • Find spot on main deck among grumpy families.
    • Ship sails! Everybody stands up and jostles all over each other taking pictures of the skyline.
    • Ship circles around breakwater then stops.
    • Ship sits for, like, 30 minutes while the “pirates” tell tales. The brothers and I find seats on upper deck, away from story time, and take pictures.
    • Justin takes several phone calls from the following: Mom, Dad, sister Jackie. This is something that happens often over the course of their visit.
    • Ship finally moves! Around in a cirle, then back to dock.
    • We escape Navy Pier via the Chicago Avenue bus, planning to have lunch at Giordano’s.
    • We eat lunch at Chik-Fil-A instead.
    • Take Broadway bus north to Lincoln Park:
      • Farm-in-the-Zoo
      • Lincoln Park Zoo
      • Lincoln Park Conservatory
      • Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
    • Home
    • Late dinner at Standard India Restaurant – it’s pretty busy and there are some new dining options, but we just get the buffet and it’s $17.95. Which seems like a lot to me.
    • Sleep

Saturday, August 27

  • Portillo’s – what a huge lunch. Cheese fries and burgers and very large sodas. Nobody gets a chocolate cake shake.
  • Bus to Oak Street Beach. We walk up the lake front, trying not to get jammed behind slow Italian tourists or run over by rollerbladers.
  • Ice cream at Castaways, North Avenue Beach. This ice cream is not good.
  • Nature Boardwalk. The geese seem to be full of secrets.
  • Target for me and Patrick, where I buy a small air mattress. Justin goes home to nap.
  • Game night at Nite’s. Just the four of us, plus Thom. We play Uno, then watch tv. Very relaxing and quiet. The cab ride home through Boystown makes the brothers very quiet.

Sunday, August 28

  • Brunch at the Publican. Super busy and I give the waiter the evil eye when he takes a little too long to get our order. He comps us a few desserts. Naturally, I drop the evil stance and over-tip.
  • Afternoon in Hyde Park. Visit Oriental Institute, try to buy Mom U of C crap at bookstore, but the store is closed on Sundays during summer. Sorry, Ma.
  • Slow bus ride back north to Gold Coast. Our bus, being the 10 from the MSI campus, is full of tourists wearing stonewashed jeans.
  • Snack at Wow Bao.
  • Walk through Viagra Triangle. Ice cream from Mr. Kite’s, which is old school candy/ice cream stand on Maple. There is a middle-aged man across the street, having some sort of interaction with an attractive young woman in a very short dress. We can’t tell if he’s her boyfriend or just a nuisance.
  • Home. Order pizza from Giordano’s, which we eat while watching the VMA’s and “Breaking Bad.”

Monday, August 29

  • Chicago History Museum. Neither of the brothers are willing to get into the giant hot dog bun to have their pictures taken.
  • Hot Doug’s. Patrick found the annoying Asian girls ahead of us very appealing. I thought it was funny that they spent almost all of the time bragging about how much they love food and sniping about each other’s shopping habits in a rather backhanded away.
  • Girl and the Goat. Honestly, I was worried because Patrick wasn’t feeling well, and then hoped he wouldn’t mind paying so much for dinner. But as soon as the grilled baby octopus came out, and we were fighting over who got the last tidbit of chicken liver butter, I relaxed. IT WAS SO GOOD.

Tuesday, August 30

  • I go back to work.
  • The brothers go to the Willis Tower. Mind you, they didn’t go up to the observation deck, just walked around the building and took pictures.
  • Because I’m sure that didn’t look suspicious at all.
  • They went back to Chik-Fil-A. I am not mad. I would have done the same thing.
  • Dinner at home while the brothers packed for their early flight. We got takeout from Joy’s.

Wednesday, August 31

  • Brothers wake up at 5:30. I sort of moan at them as they step outside.
  • I spring up, open apartment door, and hug them both tight before they take off for good.
  • Go back to sleep in my own bed.


dorks on a boat

dorks on a boat


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