getting together

Foursquare is all Judgey McJudgerson

There was a Gapers Block staff get-together at Cactus last night. I hung out with fellow GB contributors, noshing on sliders and veggies and tacos and wings and mini brownies and then sampling different beers. It was fun and it was free and those sliders were pretty pretty good.

When I wasn’t sampling beers, I drank a shandy, then soda, and then some more soda as the space we were in was not air conditioned and I was trying to keep cool have you seen sweaty Jasmine?

You wouldn’t like me when I’m sweaty.

Earlier in the evening, Leah had been my +1 until she had to leave for her date (squee!). I tried to get her to wear her hair down (so pretty!) but she put it up in a bun (also pretty!). I tried to convince her to let her hair down, as I’ve learned from watching many romantic comedies my extensive dating history is that wearing your hair down facilitates sexy makeout time (if you’re into that sort of thing), but I don’t think Leah believed me.

When the evening was over, I ended up walking out with Lisa and Justin. We stopped at a 7-11 so we could get cold drinks to enjoy on our walk through the Loop to catch the bus. It was a beautiful night. Lots of people were still out, drinking beers on patios or walking ever so slowly to Union Station or Ogilvie to get those last trains out to the suburbs. Lisa tried to get Justin to make up a song about sliders to entertain us on the way to the bus stop, but the muse had escaped him so he just hummed and scatted all the way home.


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