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OMG (Just spotted Concrete on @Foodspotting)

Concrete from Lickity Split

“I really feel like some ice cream.”

I said this after having brunch at Broadway Cellars with Leah and Cee. And then Leah said something about a frozen custard place having just opened a few blocks away.

FROZEN CUSTARD. The two greatest words in the English language after “Friday night” and “baby puppies”.

So off we went to Lickity Split, a new custard place that served me a concrete of my own creation. Vanilla frozen custard with hot fudge, marshmallow creme, and pecans.

We ate our treats inside in the air conditioning, wishing the 6000 block of North Broadway had more cute boys walking past for us to ogle appreciate.

Before separating for the day, we stopped at Broadway Treasure Hunt to poke around. There were fiberglass statues of the Blues Brothers on the curb outside the store. Inside, a few items caught my eye:

  • female mannequin with rather large breasts, fully dressed in jeans, a skimpy top, sunglasses, jacket, and a Bears baseball cap
  • black tandem bicycle (I thought it would be cool to buy and then ride around, looking for dudes to pick up)
  • a Big Mouth Larry Lobster
  • a vintage Coca-Cola machine (the kind that dispenses coke in glass bottles, with a bottle opener built into the front of the machine)
  • a basket of buttons for failed Chicago political campaigns (like Roland Burris for Chicago mayor, 1995)

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