life is sweet

So that last post about Bruce kinda bummed me out. I think it might have bummed you out, too.

So please enjoy this picture of a big-ass cookie with a funny name.

Junk in Da Trunk Cookie from Angel Food Bakery

Still feeling blue? Really?

Watch this video about bodega cats, brought to you by my internet pals The Internets Celebrities:

And holy shit, it was featured in the Times and in other places! Good job, IC’s! Now go get that paper (and hire me as your Chicago correspondent)! Yay Rafi! Go Dallas! Hurray Cas!

What? You’re still sad? How about another cat video?

Wait, you’re still grumpy? What the hell is wrong with you? Oh, you wanted to see a picture of Puppet Bike?

Okay, here you go:

I will never stop taking pictures of Puppet Bike

Puppet Bike loves you


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