ladies day, ladies night


Last Saturday was Ladies’ Day at Arlington Park. A lot of ladies wore ridiculous hats, tight dresses, and tall sandals. It was less “Ascot with Wills and Kate”, and more “The Real Housewives of Arlington Heights”. Which made for excellent people watching, of course.

Long, highlighted hair curled into long, loose barrels. French tips on fingers and toes, or candy colored manictures and pedicures offset by matching Coach or Dooney & Burke handbags. Spray tans that turned white skin into flesh the color of fruit leather. I liked the old timers who set up indoors in front of the big screen televisions, canes and walkers propped up against the patio furniture. I enjoyed seeing the big extended families fighting over who to bet on, then groan or cheer when their horses would or would not come in.

I went with Carly and some friends. Carly was the only one who knew what she was doing, gambling-wise, so the rest of us worked on our tans and drank slushy drinks that allegedly had alcohol in them. I may have had cheese fries.

I left the park with enough time to get back to the city and buy snacks for ladies night in at Leah’s. My contribution to the festivities consisted of two pounds of lumpia from Uni-Mart and a couple of naanwiches from Gaztro-Wagon to slice up into, um, slices for sharing. Leah made sangria, and put out an awesome spread of cheese, apple slices, crackers, chips, and salsa. We talked, we ate, we drank, we talked some more. It was great. The lumpia was quite popular, as it always is, and should be.


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