Wacker & Wabash

6160 Chicago by Boat - Jeweler's Building

6160 Chicago by Boat - Jeweler's Building by hogan3774

My company moved to a new space in the Jeweler’s Building, or 35 East Wacker. Those of you who have seen The Dark Knight or, um, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon will surely recognize it, as it has appeared in both of those films. I believe that in the case of Transformers 3, the inclusion of the Jeweler’s Building and other Chicago landmarks might have been the only reason some of you saw the movie in the first place.

My cubicle sits next to a large window that faces the Hotel Monaco across the street. I don’t know if the hotel guests are unaware of us worker bees or if the hotel attracts more than its fair share of exhibitionists.

All I’m saying is if you want to read the morning paper, pants-less, whilst sitting in the window of your fancy hotel room, you may want to remember that there are people across the street trying to work and not laugh at you.

Pants-less party people aside, I like my new cubicle very much. There is natural light (for applying my makeup in the morning) and a nice guest chair (for people to make themselves comfortable while we chat) and more cupboards and storage than is currently available in my apartment. The desk itself is two long desks, each supported by a file cabinet, and if I find just the right combination of throw pillows, it could easily transform into a chaise for napping.

I hope my colleagues don’t mind snoring.

Retail tenants in the building are McCormick & Schmick (steak house!), the Emerald Loop (Irish pub!), Starbucks (caffeine!), and 7-11 (Slurpees!). I’ve already introduced myself to Jim, the friendly proprietor of the 7-11. While I’ve purchased many diet cokes from the man, I’ve not yet sampled his selection of taquitos.

Across the street from the building is the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Plaza, which may be my new favorite place in Chicago. There is a fountain, perfect for wading or, as I saw one gentleman do yesterday, rinse oranges before eating. The plaza sits on the Chicago River, so you can watch the water taxis and tour boats chug past. One side of the plaza is terraced, split into wedges that are upholstered with soft green grass. It isn’t overrun by tourists, who all seem to be in a hurry to stand under that godawful Marilyn Monroe statue near the Tribune building and have their pictures made.


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  1. Rachel

    I happened past the Vietnam memorial during the past trip – nice quiet place to relax, indeed.

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