vanity, thy name is Jasmine

I love my name. I love seeing it written in places. I like it when people tell me their dogs or their cats are named Jasmine.

I’m not crazy about Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, though.


Oreo milkshake

When you order food in advance from Potbelly, you can specify the recipients of particular items. I only ever order food just for me, but I like filling my name in just so I get my milkshake addressed to me like this. The wee Oreo cookies make it more special.

My sandwich is named JAZMIN.

My sandwich is named JAZMIN.

Okay, I get it. It’s the lunch rush and maybe you don’t have time to ask me if my name is spelled this way before you toast it for me. But I am not a fan of this spelling. #whine

PS: I thought this sandwich was just okay.

Auntie Jasmine

Auntie Jasmine

Khloé brought nametags to Nathan’s fake birthday party at Pump It Up. None of my friends’ children actually call me “Auntie”. Hyacinth calls me “Aunt Jasmine” and so too does Nathan. Wee Coco calls me “Tita Jammin'” and Anna can’t talk yet.

While the party was fake (Nathan’s birthday isn’t until later in August), the fun was definitely real. I tried to get Joe and Jacinda to race each other on this climbing hill thingie but Jacinda refused. Baby Anna smiled sweetly and permit herself to be carried by just about anybody who wanted a snuggle. I gave Nathan $5 tucked into a Star Wars birthday card and wrote him a message about how fun it is to be his age. Rozi told me he was really excited about the card (the kid loves Star Wars), which matched his Star Wars t-shirt, cake, and favors. A Pump It Up employee hoisted up a small piñata in the shape of Darth Vader’s head and shook out a bunch of candy.



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5 responses to “vanity, thy name is Jasmine

  1. Joseline

    “Tita Jammin”! *dying of cutenesz*

  2. “Tita Jammin'” – fabulous!!

  3. Hillary

    Yay! You’re back. Remember when I went to Laguna Beach and sent you the picture I took of the Jasmine street sign. That was when I was rolling around town in the YELLOW convertible mustang… with Hilary Duff’s “Comin’ Clean” blaring out the speakers.

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