not quite wordless wednesday: please don’t lean on the pie



This sign was on the door at The 1901 Gallery, where Carly, Rhea, and Avery had their show a few weeks ago.

I didn’t see anybody leaning on cars or getting into any other kind of mischief, but plenty of people hung around outside between Carly’s performances and before the fashion show, smoking and getting a little night air.

I love the "TakeOut Orders" sign the best

Margie's Candies

I hung out with Carly Monday night of last week after work. It was awfully hot as we wandered around Logan Square. First dinner at El Cid on Kedzie, tea at New Wave (where I introduced myself to a friend of my friend Adrienne’s after she tweeted to the two of us that we were there at the same time), then ice cream at Margie’s. We talked about boys and ponies and work and stuff.

our lady Selena

Selena at The Hideout

There is a shrine to Selena at The Hideout. As there should be.

pie and coffee

Hoosier Mama Pie Company: coffee and a slice of lemon chess pie

I didn’t know what chess pie was when I ordered it at Hoosier Mama on Saturday. I just liked the sound of lemon chess, and it turns out I like the taste of lemon chess, too. Kathy and I lingered there for a while, sitting in the window booth while a steady stream of customers came in to pick up orders for take-out or stop in for a slice and something to drink.



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2 responses to “not quite wordless wednesday: please don’t lean on the pie

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  2. Hillary

    How bout a not quite wordless Wednesday TODAY? It’s been weeks of wordless days.

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