all the movies i saw last week

Midnight in Paris – With Kathy at the ShowPlace ICON. Right before it we went to the Chinese buffet on Belmont near Kimball.

I first visited the Chinese buffet a few months ago, after watching  a pretty terrible movie with Thom and Nite. The buffet was on the verge of closing for the night, so they let us have some food for a discount. As the place was closing in the 20 minutes, we thought we’d be the last guests of the night but no, a huge family of, like 13 came in at 10:20 and cleaned the place out. Wonder what kind of a discount they got.

Oh, but in case you were wondering, the movie was fantastic. Though Kathy pointed out that (spoiler alert) the movie was set partly in Paris in the 1920’s and Woody Allen couldn’t throw a couple of lines to Josephine Baker or any of the Harlem Renaissance writers who were picture in the film?

13 Assassins – With Elisa at the Music Box. This was great, and featured 45 minutes of straight up fighting and bleeding and bulls running around and swords swords swords. Go see it!

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides – Originally Kathy and I were going to drive out to the Cascade Drive-In in West Chicago, but the weather has been fussy so we stayed in town. Saw this at the ShowPlace ICON. It was fun, and I was kind of glad not to see Keira Knightley in this picture. I mean, she’s a lovely girl, and she can act, but girlfriend is physically incapable of shutting her mouth. Is she a terrible mouth breather? Sad.

The Tree of Life – With Carly at the Landmark. Sold out, practically. Everybody was totally silent for the picture, which itself had only 15 minutes of dialogue out of what? 2 hours and 45 minutes running time? Good lord.Gorgeous, but obscure in the way that those Calvin Klein Obsession commercials from the 80’s were. Dare to compare, people:

The Wizard of Oz –  At the Music Box with friend from the internet Joy. The film was introduced by John Waters, who did a post-show Q&A, all to promote Robert Elder’s new book, The Film That Changed My Life. Waters was hilarious.


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