GPOYW: Cliff’s birthday

Jasmine and Adrienne

Jasmine and Adrienne

And we’re back.

I actually took this #GPOYW pic yesterday (Tuesday). This is me and Adrienne mugging for the camera at The Signature Lounge, the bar on the 96th floor of the Hancock Center.

We were sitting in what was clearly the best corner of the bar for picture-taking, as people kept coming over and standing right behind Adrienne to take picture after picture after picture of Chicago at dusk. To be fair, the view was spectacular. Observe:


Just look at it!

But seriously. This super aggressive older Asian couple eventually just took one of our tables, knocking into Cliff, whose birthday brought us all together in the first place. But he was gracious, as usual, and did not let them spoil his good time.

I, however, felt free to grimace in their general direction.



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2 responses to “GPOYW: Cliff’s birthday

  1. Rachel

    I promise that if I drag you to the Signature Room I won’t be all touristy and take a ton of pictures.

    • You wouldn’t have to drag me! Just know that we might have to fight some folks if they creep too close to me while trying to get a picture of the skyline. PS: The trick is getting there before or around 6pm to beat the lookyloos.

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