can’t explain

Whenever I see “Celtic Woman” somewhere — like on the marquee of the Chicago Theater two weeks ago when I was hanging out with Nite — I always want to stand up, throw my right arm up in the air, and yell “CELTIC WOMAAAAAAN!” in my best Oprah Winfrey voice.

The other day, I bought Cover Girl LineExact Liquid Eyeliner at Walgreen’s because I read a blog post about Lauren Conrad wearing it for some event or whatever and you know what? This eyeliner is THE SHIT. I LOVES IT. It makes me all like this:

When I interviewed on Wednesday for the job I ended up getting on Thursday, I actually babbled to one of the folks who interviewed me about how much I love the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine, and how I’ve been chasing them all over the city. So far, I’ve eaten at the following places just because they have the machine:

  • the Five Guys on Clark & Fullerton
  • Pei Wei on Elston near the Target I used to go to when I lived in Bucktown
  • Go Roma on State near Chicago

I got this tattoo of a dot on my wrist at the MCA. After I got my tattoo, I answered a few questions for an MCA staffer about why I got, and how it made me feel connected to other people who got it. Kinda like Facebook! The thing I forgot to mention, though, is that the main reason I got the tattoo is because I wanted to know what it felt like to get a tattoo. And now I know. It stung! Kinda like that biopsy I got six years ago.

Sometimes I like to stand in front of the mirror in my bathroom and try to make my eyes look all big and interesting by widening them but all I end looking like is crazy.

Next week I’m going to visit M and C in Woodstock as my last vacation before the new gig begins. I just realized though that I’ll be missing Jeff’s going-away party. DAMMIT.


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