another good day: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10:00 am: Orthodontist appointment. Only, I haven’t been wearing my Invisalign trays like I promised so Dr. P can’t affix a rubber band to tooth number 7 to pull it down in alignment with the rest of my teeth. Not a huge deal, just as long as we don’t delay so long that the Invisalign people start charging me extra. I feel bad for coming in and wasting everybody’s time but they’re really nice to me and have been very understanding about my employment/money situation. Best dental practice ever.

10:19 am: I take a bunch of pictures while standing on the Franklin Street bridge. I post this image online. It’s a beautiful morning in Chicago.

good morning

10:26 am: I arrive at The Doughnut Vault. There is no line like I thought there might be. There are, however, doughnuts and coffee. I get a coffee and a chocolate doughnut. By this time, there are only chocolate, vanilla, and chestnut doughnuts left. The space is tiny, only large enough for the register, and a tiny counter for two standing customers opposite, so I go outside. There is a metal fire escape with steps going up to the second floor of Gilt Bar, so I sit there. Bite. Sip. Think. Bite. Sip. Tweet.

chocolate doughnut

While I am sitting on the steps, I make plans via Twitter to come back next week with Anna (hurray!), and to have dim sum with Hillary. These are two women I have never met but have only ever communicated with on the internet. I am very excited to be meeting them in person and having delicious food with them. I can only hope they are not horrified when I start dropping doughnut glaze and dumplings all over myself.

Alas, I also find out that a new pal just lost her job. Ugh. Another member of this club. I send her a tweet of support, and we agree that we need to hang out soon. Also, we talk about burgers and doughnuts and would she be interested in trying a Luther, which is a bacon cheeseburger on a glazed doughnut instead of a regular bun? She would not. I get the link to her portfolio, then start thinking about how to help her.

10:45 am: Now this is the part where my day gets kind of crazy. Where I spend the next five hours on four buses visiting three Targets so I can find one bag that I’m not even sure that I want and I know I probably cannot afford. The Target web site kept telling me this bag was in stock but was it? No. And that’s how I ended up at the Target on Peterson (second Target, after Wilson Yard, but before South Loop), chugging a large Diet Coke and eating some terrible pasta.

4:08 pm: I charge my phone at the Harold Washington Library. Oh, and do a little light reading. There is a copy of No Country For Old Men on the desk where I find a free outlet.

scary book!

A man sitting at a carrel behind me talks furtively on his phone, sometimes slamming his hand or a book on the desk to make his point. What is his point? That he’s angry? Disturbed? Annoying? Definitely annoying.

On the way out, I stop in the children’s library to check out Fifteen by Beverly Cleary. I’ve read this book about a million times. I have a digital edition and two hardcopies of it. It’s old fashioned, but sweet and true and it makes me feel like I am fifteen whenever I read it. I have to highlight one of my favorite passages and post it to Tumblr as a tribute to the author, who is celebrating her 95th birthday.

"But Mom..."

5:05pm: I arrive at The ShowPlace ICON early, two hours before a screening of The Beaver. (Read my thoughts on The Beaver here!) I’m not close enough to the front that I can sit in one of the windows and read my book. I stand for an hour and twenty minutes before the line starts moving and we all start hustling to our seats. This time, we get to choose our seats. Of course, I end up choosing a seat that is taken up by one of the guys doing audio for the post-show Q&A. So a very nice manager goes back to the ticket counter and gets me a ticket for a new seat. Hurray!

9:00pm: Q&A is over, and I find my friend Lisa and her co-worker (whose name I have, of course, forgotten) in the lobby. While the co-worker has to take off, Lisa and I are still a bit wired after the movie. So we go to Saint’s Alp Teahouse for some food. Lisa treats me to some really delicious food. I have cold milk tea, which is DELICIOUS.

11pm: Lisa waits for the Broadway bus with me at Dearborn and Randolph before she heads home in a cab. Naturally, we spend the time gossiping but also talking about summer and music and the movie we just saw and how she freaked out this dude who tried to mug her last week. Lisa is tough, y’all.


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