got some wyngz

DIGIORNO Pizza & Wyngz (

You guys, I had to get this. I had to buy this for supper tonight.

The pizza and “wyngz” are currently baking in my oven. My oven, which is already undersized, seems to be missing a rack, so the “wyngz” are on top of the pizza like an extra topping instead of baking on a rack of their own. Though I could swear my oven had two racks, not just one, when I moved in four years ago, but who the hell knows?



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2 responses to “got some wyngz

    • I should have left it in a bit longer. My oven runs weird, so sometimes it’s too hot or just a little too cool. Rarely, if ever, is it just right. The dough was a little undercooked, which just made it chewy. I may finish it off tonight for dinner.

      The chicken was weird. I don’t think it the buffalo sauce was an improvement, though I slathered the chicken with it.

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