Friday morning follow-up

I thought I’d post some links to follow up on earlier posts from this week. Like…

Brian Deschane was demoted after folks made a fuss about his appointment to a position that paid $81,000 a year. Now he only makes about $65,000. Sigh. [HuffPo]

Francine Pascal, author of “Sweet Valley Confidential” (which I just finished), was kind enough to let Racked into her closet. Also, she and her daughters are releasing a lavaliere collection! You can pick one with ‘E’ or ‘J’ engraved on it! Yay, merchandising! [Racked]

I saw Your Highness this week. At first I was all “Eh, it was bad.” and then I was all “Eh, it wasn’t that bad.” Roger Ebert, who was totes at the screening I attended, posted his review of the movie. His was more of a “Eh, it was bad.” take. [Roger Ebert]


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