stray thoughts: “Your Highness”

Jeff and I saw Your Highness tonight. A few thoughts.

  1. The screening was not sold out. Does that mean there is no buzz about this movie, or there is buzz, but it is not very good?
  2. Roger Ebert and Chaz Ebert were at the screening tonight. Change of pace for Team Ebert, seeing a movie with civilians, or is this movie not being made available to critics before release?
  3. According to the movie’s Wikipedia page, the dialogue was improvised, with the script providing only an outline of the action.
  4. You know what? I could tell.
  5. Jeff heard one line in the movie that he liked, but he could only sorta remember what it was.
  6. This movie felt a bit like those movies made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer — Date Movie, Epic Movie — but without any real shock or gross-out humor.
  7. Except maybe for the minotaur penis.
  8. I thought, given the title and all, there’d be more drug jokes. Or maybe we’d be given some drugs to make it funnier.
  9. I really wanted to enjoy this movie because I liked the actors so much, and I really liked Pineapple Express, but it was not to be.
  10. This movie looked like it must have been a lot of fun to make. I just wish it had been more fun to watch.

Update! More bullet points below!

  1. I just watched the trailer again, and it reminded me that, as my friend Alissa (who also saw it at a screening, but in Austin) said, there were more chuckles than I’d remembered, as opposed to guffaws.
  2. Especially for that “If your vagina is anything like my hand, then we should have no problem.” line.
  3. I applaud the makeup department for making Justin Theroux look totally unlike his usual hottie self.
  4. Also the hair on the dudes — well, those dudes that had hair — was pretty terrible. Which means it was pretty great.
  5. Yes, Danny McBride’s hair was all up in a mullet just like Kenny Powers. I mean, would you expect any different?

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