employment – i doin it RONG

I guess I’ve been going about this job search business the wrong way, and I need to get in touch with these folks about finding and keeping gainful employment.

“Little Boy Applies to Be Director Of Museum, Gets Hired (The One)” (via Urlesque):

His case for candidacy? “I have an electruk train track. I am good on my train track. I can control 2 trains at once.”

The board at the museum were so impressed with Sam’s enthusiasm that they’ve named him the Director of Fun, and he’s even held his first board meeting.

Okay, this is cute. But I’m still feeling kinda hate-y. Can a girl get some cover letter advice? Namely, do I write it out in crayon or marker?

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Gave $81,500 A Year Job To Son Of One Of His Top Donors” (Mediate):

Brian Deschane, the enviable job-haver in question, happens to be the son of Jerry Deschane, who, as the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel points out, is a longtime lobbyist for the Wisconsin Builders Association – an organization that contributed $29,000 to Walker during his gubernatorial campaign.

It goes on to say that Brian’s dad may have reminded Walker’s campaign manager that Brian was available. Did he mention Brian’s two DUI arrests as well.

And finally…

“Bristol Palin Earns $262K For Teen Pregnancy Work” (ABC News/AP):

The most recent data for The Candie’s Foundation that’s posted online by research firm GuideStar shows compensation at $262,500 for the now-20-year-old daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee.

So how much did Candie’s spend on education, prevention, outreach, and anything else that was not Bristol Palin’s fee? I wonder, too, if the ladies of MTV’s “Teen Mom” are calling their agents up to look into similar deals.



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5 responses to “employment – i doin it RONG

  1. Li

    Gurl we doin dis so rong. Remind me to lose my sense of grammar and morals and be more salacious…. oh and find wealthy parents. All good then. Sheesh.

  2. missdisplaced

    I hate Scott Walker and want to smack him upside the head. So he hates teachers but gives a $80k job to a drunk frat boy?

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