big wheel, big star

I <3 Chicago.

I ♥ Chicago.

I took the bus to Lincoln Park. I thought about going to the zoo, but it was positively overrun by school groups and families on spring break trips. I opted for a quick walk around the Nature Boardwalk instead.

After cruising around the boardwalk, I hopped on another bus and headed downtown.

Stop no. 2 on #TouristTuesday. The fries, they are ever so salty.

The fries, they are so salty.

Rock N Roll McDonalds! I ate my snack in the 00’s room of the museum on the second floor. Which meant that I had Haddaway and Backstreet Boys blasting in my ear, and people stopping to take pictures of the toys and games displayed in a case next to my table.

Chicago from the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

panoramic Chicago from the ferris wheel

The day was beautiful, bright, brisk. No wind! So of course I needed to ride the ferris wheel.

Jacinda called me while I was on the ferris wheel. She had a few hours to kill until she had to pick up little Hyacinth from daycare. Would I like to do something?

Lunch no. 2 with Jacinda.

Big Star: taco al pastor

Would I ever. We had a snack at Big Star. It was Jacinda’s first time! She liked it, which made me glad as I love Big Star.


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