Friday I’m in love

Hello my name is Jasmine

Monday: I went to the dentist. At the bus stop, I ran into a programmer from the previous gig. Awkward.

Tuesday: Three hour interview! With six people! Two hour test! Everybody I met was cool, and I got to pick out my own sandwich to eat while I took the test. Which, by the way, had me blanking on straightforward questions like which port is typically reserved for HTTP traffic. It’s 443, by the way. Sandwich-wise, I had the T-K-Y skinny from Potbelly. It was great but I got crumbs everywhere (read: down my shirt). After interview, I treated myself to a Shamrock Shake. I think I liked them better when I was little. Went home. Met Danita at Gaztro-Wagon for dinner. I had the veal sweetbread naanwich, roast tomato soup, plantain chips. DELICIOUS. After, we walked down Clark to Starbucks to get hot drinks. Mainly, we talked about boys.

Wednesday: Woke up feeling kinda bummed out. Khloé gave me a little pep talk, so I got dressed (didn’t wash my hair or put on makeup – oops) and talked to an account manager for another recruiting service downtown. The job he had in mind for me didn’t end up being a fit after all, but it was nice to get out of the house. After that, I went by Leah’s new gig to drop off the extra set of keys I’ve been hanging onto since forever (read: cat-sitting for her back in January). As per usual, I was hungry. Though I was just around the corner from the new-ish Saigon Sisters, I made my way to Wicker Park for tacos at Big Star. Also, I had a beer. So I got a little bit of “Asian frush” but not a single shit was given. Check out my tacos!

I win at lunch.

Thursday: I wake up to a voicemail telling me I didn’t get a job I interviewed for about three weeks ago. A voicemail? Classy. I talk to a new recruiter who sounds friendly, and we make plans to meet on Monday. I get a call from another recruiter rescheduling my Friday afternoon for next week. Four day weekend! I get a text from Jeff, asking if I’m free for lunch. I am, and so we tuck into a salad (him) and a turkey burger (me) while talking about his upcoming move and my job search. After, we go to Walgreen’s so I can pick up a photograph of Coco I took during my babysitting gig. I framed the photo to give to Khloé and Jeff (other Jeff). We walk to Threadless where some shopping may have happened. Jeff got this awesome t-shirt featuring the silhouettes of cartoon characters waiting for their pets to poop.

Hyacinth hippity hop

That evening, I attended Khloé’s client appreciation dinner at Logan Square Kitchen. Food was provided by Fig Catering, beer from Revolution Brewing a few doors away, and a friendly, informative presentation by David MacClelland of Calvert Investments. I met new friends, gossiped with old ones (read: Jacinda), and watched all the tiny children running amok. I’d done my makeup, which did not go unnoticed by either Jeff or Jacinda. Joe and I talked about the new U of C hookups site that went up this week. And when I saw “talked” I mean we mocked it, of course.

Note to self: a little foundation, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner go a long way. Please remember to apply makeup before leaving house instead of doing it on the bus like you usually do.

Friday: Ongoing! This morning, Rozi and I met for coffee in my neighborhood. I finally got to meet Anna, who is adorable and almost three months old.

She's not fussing, she's just stretching her face.

Rozi got caught up – it’s been five months since I’ve seen her! Yes, I believe the last time I saw her was Andrew’s birthday dinner. Which was in October. Eep! Anna is adorable. She has large blue eyes, just like Nathan. Rozi looked wonderful. Very relaxed with very thick hair that I am super jealous of. After coffee, Rozi wondered if we could wander up to Equinox, this beautiful gift shop that I love, and off we went. I pushed the stroller, which has some kind of miracle suspension so that the baby was rocked but not knocked about. The lamp Rozi wanted was there, and she bought it while I tried to point out all sorts of Chicago-centric Christmas ornaments to Anna. We noticed that an ornament that said “Sears Tower” instead of “Willis Tower”. Anna seemed less impressed by this than me.


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  1. Tickled, thanks for the update!

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